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SHINOBI 009 is a native San Franciscan electronic producer, that originally ‘caught the musical bug’ in 1992 when Trance was his sound of choice to dance to.

Later, in 1995, he became bold, and took on the crazed world of being The DJ, spinning mash ups tunes, East Coast Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, and all the obscure titles most mainstream ears would never hear.

After spinning for numerous years and receiving much audio sound off experience, because of this, ZERO DEPTH (originally SEKTOR 5 which was Dj Kojak and Shinobi 009) surfaced and it’s maiden voyage was SF venue POW! where Dj Kojak, Dj Salex and Shinobi 009 became a fixture up until the sale of venue, later The Lit Lounge became the follow up. Shinobi has played at Pow!, The Lit Lounge, FUSE, The Fillmore, Nickie’s, Noc Noc, An Sabin, Nova Express, Butterfly, Lavende, Blur, Royale, Lucid, renegade parties from Sf to Los Angeles and numerous others. After many years of no significant recognition, Shinobi 009 made the transition from Dj to producer during 1999.

During his brief interlude as a radio Dj on Pirate Cat Radio, and then returning for a short time under it’s new guise Mutiny Radio, Shinobi 009 played around as co- host with multitudes of genres for the Heterotopia/ Negritude with Attitude’s 2 hour slot to create an all encompassing soundscape for the listeners.

Shinobi 009 even showcased his own radio show, Depth Chargz, and has interviewed names like Del The Funky Homosapien, Killer Priest (Wu Tang Clan), Pam Africa (Move), Wade (frontman for punk band The Reaction/ Apogee Sound Club), Li Bian (Tech/ front end lab assistant at M.I.T.), and numerous others of interest before finally hanging up his microphone.

The audio that you hear from him now is the trial and error of utilizing all the music he’s absorbed over two decades of enjoyment…