San Francisco
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Ra-Soul Bio

The elusive and respected Ra Soul aka Guy Nado has been making tracks for over a decade. Guy hails from the ivory coast in West Africa where his father was a photojournalist. He came to the states in 1975 and attended the black panther school in Oakland where his mother was a teacher .

By ‘89 RaSoul was toying with cheap samplers and soon began producing records with Dj EFX, Dj Digit and Third Floor Productions . This led to a relationship with Strictly Rhythm Records that saw the team of producers as the NW2 project. He released his first Strictly Rhythm record under the alias Dreadman and continued on the strictly rhythm-backed label Freshly Squeezed , under names like Mad African and Page & Webster. After a couple years in London, playing at clubs like back II Basics, Hard times , and Ministry of Sound, Guy returned to san Francisco and began a proliferation of impressive releases. The “Soul Searching “ series on Large Music was a concept created by Ra Soul himself. He wanted to stretch a musical concept over four different releases in the span of three years. While “Soul Searching Vol.4” is the final installment in this wildly popular series, RaSoul had already lined up an arsenal of spectacular new releases.

Dj RaSoul caught everyone’s attention with his trademark heavy bass lines and deep rich chord structures. His “Soul Searching” series on Large Music has reached classic status and influenced music lovers worldwide. Dj RaSoul tracks can also be found on a host of respected independent labels across the globe, including Grayhound, Naked, Transport, Guidance, Leaf, and Tummy Touch to name a small fraction of his extensive discography.

As a producer Dj RaSoul really came into his own when starting his independent label SoulFood recordings in 2001. With his own outlet to showcase the diversity of his production skills, he put together his first full length project ‘ Dj RaSoul presents SoulFood Volume One’.

Dj RaSoul has found himself today in just as higher demand for his mixing skills as his production talent. His extensive schedule means he can be heard anywhere from a 30,000 people event just outside of LA. To an underground club in Moscow. With Dj RaSoul there are no boundaries…