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MJ Gamez Bio

MJ Gamez (GAH-mez) is from downtown San Jose, California and began his musical career in the late 1990’s. He landed his first residency with Global Sessions Music created by Bobby Cruz and Sergio Aragones. His anticipated sets at the Red Room and weekly FOXY event at The Cardiff Lounge quickly caught the attention of the house community of the Bay Area. Quickly gaining recognition for his unique sound and ability to move a crowd in the late hours of the evening allowed MJ to land past residencies with Team Bluefield, NLE, Club SPY, and special guest DJ appearances at 1015 Folsom San Francisco, Sno-Drift, Paradise Lounge, and numerous underground events in San Francisco. To date, MJ Gamez holds residencies with the 11 year running Velvet Shop created by M3 (Green Gorilla Lounge) and Mark Johns (The Velvet Shop), Global Sessions Music, Karma, and Sound Palette – Sounds of the City. MJ Gamez is the founder of the San Francisco based Sound Palette – Sounds of the City which has been held at 1015 Folsom San Francisco and is currently running at Sno-Drift SF. Sound Palette has brought in talent such as JT Donaldson, Rick Preston, M3, Chris Lum, Sharon Buck, Uneaq, Justin Martin, Pete Avila, Nikola Baytala, Sharon Buck, Roger Moorehouse, Joey Figueroa, Ivan Bautista, and Frank Zacarias. MJ also throws a weekly event in his own hometown on Wednesdays at the Blue Monkey Lounge called Karma. Karma is a platform for the upcoming artists, great local talent, and national artists to spread great house music to the South Bay.

When asked how MJ Gamez began his musical career, he smiled big and said, “What’s so beautiful about the electronic music revolution is that everyone can distinctly remember when that revolution began for themselves. For some it began in a room as small as my garage where the music naturally flowed to the soul. For others it began in a huge warehouse where the music hung damp and heavy in the air and dripped down the backs of the crowd. My revolution was brought to life in the mid 90’s by Derrick Carter and Diz with their special guest appearances in San Francisco.”

In addition to his current residencies and numerous projects MJ Gamez actively promotes electronic music of all forms by composing articles, literary pieces, and artwork for AM+PM Magazine (After Midnight/Post Meridiem) and the past In The Scene Magazine. AM+PM Magazine is a New York style mini-magazine focusing on fashion, cuisine, music and the electronic scene of the Bay Area. In The Scene Magazine was entirely focused on the internal and external workings of the electronic music industry. Some featured articles include:

AM+PM Magazine: – Watering the Dormant Roots of Electronic Music in San Jose, Volume 1 – Electronic Music Steps Out of the Shadows, Volume 2 – Dig Deep to Hear What the Scene has to Say, Volume 3 – Changing Tides for a New Season, Volume 4 – Super Club vs. The Lounge Scene, Volume 5 – TOP SECRET…new venue opening in South Bay, Volume 6 – FAHRENHEIT Ultra Lounge – After Noon. After Work. After Hours, Volume 7

When people need to get out and dance, they are satisfying a hunger deep within to release. It’s precisely that hunger that drives people to find a particular type of music that is unique, original, and yet speaks with the commonality we all share within. This is the music MJ Gamez brings to the industry and is called Home Grown Music. It’s a sound that is organic, full, and native. This music gets deep inside, feels comfortable, and brings you to that familiar place. MJ Gamez has slowly developed this sound out of the influences Inland Nights, Chris Lum, Diz, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, DJ Heather, Rick Preston, JT Donaldson, Spettro, and the Lawnchair Generals.

Keep a close eye on this up and coming DJ from the west coast. His unrelenting drive, passion for music, and love for the arts allows him to develop new and different styles of DJing, bringing a refreshing vibe to Northern California. His unique blend of house music is defining an international sound that awakens the ear and causes audiences to thump with harmony. As MJ Gamez’s musical career progresses, his influences continue to evolve and transform as he constantly drives to expose the public to different and beautiful music. With warm sentiment MJ ended the interview with “I ultimately want people to have that experience that causes their own musical revolution to begin.” Global Sessions Music

Current Residencies: Sound Palette – San Francisco, The Velvet Shop – San Jose, Karma – San Jose