San Francisco
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Born and raised in San Francisco, California, MEAN CHAVeeN began his music career at a young age. With over ten years of classical piano and music theory training, CHAVeeN developed his ear for composition and passion for music throughout his life. He had his first music lesson at the age of five, and began performing in festivals as a teenager.

CHAVeeN made the transition from musician to DJ when he met local rave scene DJ and promoter Tracer in the late 90s. He soon began co-producing, and eventually producing his own, raves in San Francisco and Oakland. After only a short while DJing, CHAVeeN realized that he wanted more out of electronic music and enrolled in a sound design program in the city. He soon began to use his compositional skills, alongside his newly gained technical skills and knowledge of dance music formats, to create unique electronic pieces.

Now a trained sound designer and seasoned DJ, CHAVeeN strives to perfect the art of electronic music. With no bounds but those of the acoustic and electronic domain, CHAVeeN’s musical experiments often cross or redefine categories and genres. You can often find traces of classical composition techniques intertwined with traditional and cutting edge production techniques.

CHAVeeN is currently working on electro house and dubstep albums with original tracks ranging from swinging salsa, to hard-hitting anthems, to funky robotic-sounding electro, to dirty and melodic debstep.

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