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New Years Eve San Francisco Events
Marcus Jerard Bio

One key element that a musician must know is the ever-important relationship between their instrument, their audience and of course their music. It is no different for a DJ. Enter, DJ Marcus Jerard. Marcus Jerard knows that being a DJ is not just about playing records. His philosophy is one that is shared by many great DJs: being mindful of the relationship between their equipment, their music, and most importantly their audience. The relationship starts when the needle hits the record, and it doesnít stop – it keeps going, the four-on-the-floor, in circadian, at the club, or while jamming in the car or in the mind. The relationship is never ending. It is timeless. Like good music should be. Marcus Jerard: DJ, promoter and purveyor of music for dancing. Marcus has been in the San Francisco house music scene since the scene became a scene. From early underground massives to legendary venues and parties his musicality is his edge. His spinning technique has been hailed by party goers, dancers and house music enthusiasts as being a proper house music set – capable of a connection. Whether it is for that late night after hour sound, or the lounge, people still ask….who is on the decks? Playing or promoting he concentrates on sharing that Jackin house music sound by playing, producing and promoting successful events at The Endup. He has played along side the King of Jack himself, Derrick Carter, as well as with DJ Sneak, Tony, David Harness, Rolo, and Spun. Many of Marcus’s events have been featured on San Francisco’s, with his A Midsummer Night’s Dream party winning Event of the Week. His design skills do not go unnoticed, too, when his party promotional flyer won NiteVibes award, Flyer of the Week. Amongst the house music blogging world, his shows have even been quoted as “lacing up some proper shit.” The Sound and Scene So what does the sound of a pioneer DJ like? In his own words, … “My sets are like taking a ride in a nice juiced up carÖ.exciting, rousing, spine-tingling, thrilling and jackin all in one. I build the engineÖ.I like to mix long, layer lots, add and subtract parts of a record or track while keeping it jackin. The music or “parts” is what I use to build the engine, once built the music and crowd keep the engine going and flowing. I can cruise the ride deep, or rev it up and race a bit more.” The sound is soulful, funky, jazzy, and full of rhythm. All of what house and proper dance music should be like. His ride is one that will get you going, from the initial shoulder bumping to the feet shuffling it will keep dancers jackin and movin’! Marcus Jerard’s spinning spans over 10 years, but he manages to stay current by choosing music that is timeless, and by assembling sets that flow, are melodic and above all inspiring to his audience. The bottom line, Marcus Jerard wants his audience, party goer, dancer or whomever to have fun and get down! It is the dancer energy that is bestÖ.out there on the dance floor. It is that energy released by people that finishes the circle that creates the symbiotic relationship between Marcus Jerard, his music, equipment and his audience. With the DJ booth at the helm people come together in celebration of what is good in life. The good is individualistic, but once united on the dance floor it becomes a movement, a breaking down of social barriers, a gathering. More importantly, a freakin’ good time! Happenings Jack Attack at The Endup. Produced by Marcus Jerard in association with The Endup, Jack Attack featured Marcus, and Chicago’s Justin Long with Slater Hogan and John Larner. For the ultimate summer treat Marcus also gave us A Midsummer Night’s Dream which featured Marcus and San Francisco favorites Karizma, Tony, Deron, and Hector Morales. Marcus ended the summer with parties that included sharing the decks with Derrick Carter himself for the Endup’s Sunday T-Dance. Who said that sauce was strictly for ribs? Marcus brought 2006 to an end with a special New Year’s CD release party and brought us Jim William’s 401 Special House Sauce. Good enough to lather all over your CD player. One thing that Marcus Jerard knows is that good music must remain timeless and mean something. Whether it makes you remember, laugh, cry or even dance; good music is timeless. We all have them, that old jazz or soul record, or that slammin’ track from the early days of hip-hop or house, or that favorite song that you just have turn up whenever it comes on. Why do we have our favorites? Because, they are timeless and they mean something to us. Keep that music sharing, music loving philosophy alive… Marcus Jerard sure will. Google Him! – Marcus Jerard