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Marc deVasconcelos Bio

Marc started DJing back in 1999, buying vinyl at Bay Area record stores. His cousin Brian initially introduced him to Funky and Deep House Music that they were playing in underground San Francisco clubs at the time. He became intrigued and started listening to more local DJ’s, within a month he upgraded his turntables from basic starter decks to the standard Technics 1200′s. Like everyone starting out he practiced day and night mixing records back and forth getting the phrasing and tempos just right. Soon after he landed a local weekend residency in the east bay then slowly started making his way to the City.

Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Disco, and R&B was the soundtrack Marc heard growing up. From NWA, Eazy-E and Run DMC to Diana Ross, Culture Club, Ratt, Cinderalla and AC/DC he has a lot to choose from. These influences are reflected in his current Open Format sets as well as in the House Music he loves playing.

Marc keeps current with all kinds of music, hand selecting every track that goes into his library. From Hip Hop to House Music, know that the venue will be filled with good tunes from a veteran of the San Francisco DJ scene. He has played at many Night Clubs, Bars and Events entertaining locals as well as out of town-ers with the sounds that have influenced him in the Bay Area and beyond.

Current Night Club Residencies 2014:
Starlight Room
SIP Bar & Lounge
Mr. Smith’s

Social Media:
@madevasconcelos #partywithMarc

Equipment Used:
Serato Scratch Live, DJ
Rane TTM57, TTM62
Pioneer CDJ-2000
Pioneer DJM-900

(415) 632-7508
[email protected]