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Kepik Bio

Powered by passion and fueled by adrenaline are just the mere words
that can describe the energy and stage presence of Kepik (the word
epic, doesn’t do him justice). Kepik is more than just your typical
electronic music DJ. His knowledge and appreciation of many genres
enables him to cater to many audiences. Having technical skills on the
decks, separates him from other performers. Along with having
countless years of party-going experience, keeping the dance floor
vibes flowing is second nature to him.

Being a DJ turned producer, Kepik understands the necessary elements
of crafting songs that will be sure-fire hits on the dance floor. In
2013 he released his first original production, alongside a few
remixes, including Steve Aoki & Rune RK’s hit, “Bring You To Life.”
His remix of “Let It Go,” sung by Idina Menzel from Disney’s Frozen
has garnered great praise worldwide! Putting him on the global map as
a DJ/Producer to be on a lookout for! With his creative capabilities,
the roadmap is endless for him!

Already rising up in the ranks, Kepik is becoming one of the most
sought-after DJs here in the San Francisco Bay Area. His presence has
extended over to Hollywood as well as his hometown, in the paradise
state, Hawaii! He’s shared nights with global headliners such as Paul
van Dyk, Sander van Doorn, Audien, Cedric Gervais, Thomas Gold, Sultan
+ Ned Shepard, Darude, DJ Dan & Daniel Kandi & has personally opened
up for LA Riots. Having played at mega clubs (Ruby Skye / Temple / The
Grand / Lure), along with intimate upscale clubs (Vessel / Slide /
Supperclub), his versatility is unrivaled across all venues and