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DJ Kevin Knapp Bio

Kevin’s passion for music began in youth when, at family gatherings, his father would consistently play the classical masters to accompany the occasion. At 13, he began singing as a tenor in both, academic and non-academic settings. He performed in musicals such as Les Miserables and Oklahoma, as well as competed at both state and collegiate level.

Beyond his love for classical music, Kevin’s musical appreciation extends to underground hip-hop, jazz, and indie rock — which fiercely contributed to a growing need for Kevin to be creatively engaged.

It was at the infamous Qool parties, however, thrown by San Francisco’s Jondi and Spesh where Kevin’s passion to spin electronic music was born. The late San Francisco DJ Kenichi was the first to hear Kevin play and recognize he had great potential. It wasn’t long before Kevin began hosting the “Momentum” parties with other up-and-coming DJ Brothatom, where he honed his skills as an emotive DJ technician.

Ultimately, a large portion of his success can be attributed to San Francisco favorite and Satellite host, Scott Carrelli. Carrelli (labeled America’s best DJ by Bedrock recording artist Desyn Masiello) took Kevin under his wing and has been a musical sherpa of sorts through the house music landscape. From mixing, to programming, to marketing, Carrelli has been an undeniable influence on Kevin’s sound and success.

Already, during Kevin’s young career, he has had the honor of opening for the likes of Paul Van Dyke and Steve Porter. Additionally, you can find him playing at most of the San Francisco’s great venues (Ruby Skye, 1015, 111 Minna, Anu to name a few), continually perfecting the skills that make Kevin one of the young DJs to watch for in San Francisco.