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DJ Eclectic Bio

Take your event to the next level! Go beyond the typical audio DJ experience by hiring DJ Eclectic (Jamaal) to mix music videos for your next event. DJ Eclectic is one of the few Bay Area DJ’s who mixes music videos.

DJ Eclectic is a San Francisco native, has been mixing music videos in the Bay Area since 2007. He has worked at a range of clubs, has spun at weddings, community events, school dances, tailgate parties, corporate events, street festivals, etc. DJ Eclectic has a sound knowledge of a wide range of music styles and has a large music library. Unlike some DJ’s that stick with a specific style or packaged playlist he will customize his set lists based on your interests and your audience.

DJ Eclectic is one of those rare DJ’s that has the instincts to get people of all ages out on the dance floor and keep them there. He is a charming MC, whose professional, yet playful style wins over any audience.