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DJ Amber Bio

DJ Amber has been passionately mixing and creating music since 1997, including thousands of appearances in San Francisco and around the world. As a music producer, her original tracks have been widely released, including four releases on her own label, iamthedj Recordings. Amber’s most recent remix release, ”Wonder (DJ Amber’s WonderPlay Remix)”, is available on the Karmacoda compilation CD LUX LIFE: Illuminated Remixes.

Amber co-founded NorCal DJ and Music Production Academy in San Francisco, and has been a recurring guest lecturer for the UCLA Graduate School of Musicology course on “The History of Electronic Music”. From 2002 – 2003 San Francisco Bay Area locals watched Amber on television as Host of :CODE, a nightlife and electronic music television show. She has also been a featured speaker at the Remix Magazine conference, Remix Hotel. Amber has also been featured in two documentary films, “Generation E” and “Vinyl is a Girl’s Best Friend”, and has has served as a resource for the non-fiction book ”The Complete History of American Music” and the fictional DJ tale ”Couch World”.

In San Francisco, DJ Amber’s residencies have included Sister SF and DNA Lounge. Amber has appeared at every leading venue in San Francisco, including 1015, Ruby Skye, and Supperclub. She also remains active in the underground scene appearing at warehouse parties and renegade events around the Bay Area.