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DirtyBeats Bio

Aaron Schwartz was born in Miami Florida in 1981. At a young age of 9, while living in San Francisco California, Aaron was introduced to house and electronic music. In 1996 he moved to Boulder Colorado and began djing at the age of 15. Not only did he learn how to use the equipment, but he became more familiar with the music and its history and background too. With no alias, Aaron took on several gigs, spinning at small clubs and raves around Colorado. He eventually moved back to San Francisco where he won first place in a local dj competition.

Winning the competition opened more doors for Aaron. As he became more locally recognized, he was granted studio time where he started learning how to produce his own music. In 2002, at the age of 21, Aaron moved to New York City. There, he was given the opportunity to work on productions with celebrities such as Funk Master Flex. At this time, Aaron started steering more towards the east coast style of darker and harder DnB and Hip Hop. In 2003, Aaron moved to San Jose and after a little break from dj and production work Signed to the label “DARKLAND Agency” out of the UK with other dj’s such as INK, CAPITAL-J ,Grievous and Meany other’s from around the globe.After some time with darkland Aaron got a weekly spot on the cc-radiostation… A off branch of the darkland agency.

IN 2004 Aaron was doing a guest spot on 90.7 ksjs where he meet Dru aka Audio Dru .After having a few gig’s with Dru , the two decide to start a new weekly in San Jose “THE CYPHER to help revive a much needed jungle and Hip-Hop……

“clip from METRO Mag ” Tarzan is the co-founder of THE CYPHER™, an eclectic freestyle Open Mic, that has quickly gained nationwide notoriety. Every Wednesday night at JOHNNY V’S BAR, THE CYPHER, #1 OPEN MIC and best dj night in San Jose, Voted by METRO Readers 2007/2008.