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Brian Salazar Bio

San Francisco has often been referred to as ‘House Nation’ and is known as the mecca of soulful, sultry, seductive rhythms. This is a city with a DJ on every block, and Brian Salazar, has set himself a world apart. Although he is the baby of the scene, he stands next to and plays along with the likes of Miguel Migs, Kaskade, Jay-J, Julius Papp, Roy Davis Jr., Mark Farina, DJ Colette, Chuck Love, Charles Spencer, Grant Nelson, Jamie Lewis, Deepswing, Christian Alvarez, King Britt, Doc Martin, Tortured Soul, Patrick Wilson, and David Harness, easily challenging them to bring their level of quality up a notch.

In the most opportune environment, Brian Salazar has taken from the depths of the dance floor to cavernous record crates and created a sound all his own. More groovy, moveable, and undeniable than any other DJ, it is in his capacity to interact and control the sound setting that keeps fans crawling back at 5 am. In the past few years alone, Brian Salazar has advanced from his first major underground event to getting signed by Devotion Records, getting signed by Meow Ent., going on his first International tour in Asia, going on tour with Kaskade, playing at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, playing live on radio stations such as WILD 94.9, KZSU 90.1, VAULT RADIO 104.9, MAGIC 89.9 (Phillipines), playing on internet shows such as,,, dive radio, and undefeated sessions, starting his own house collective called theHOUSEMEN, starting his own female house collective called theHOUSEWIVES, and becoming a resident and one of the select few regulars claiming rights and respect for classic house movement clubs: The Endup and Temple. To add to his movement, he is the main man behind THE RHYTHM ROOM @ the legendary Endup and is one of the founders of the annual campout, Soul Camp.

Years of commitment to soul searching, ear tuning, record shopping, and downloading gives him the ideal collection to cater and command crowds in any event, venue, city, or country. This incredible rise derives from the flirtatious vocals, intellectual instrument solos, and senseless bass lines he brings together flawlessly during any and/or every set.

“I choose my tracks from a spectator point of view, and not just as a dancer, DJ, or a musician. I want anyone from any musical background to walk into my set and be instantly submerged”. Dedicated to music as a whole from jazz, disco, soul, R&B, funk, reggae, old school, classical, and salsa, Brian Salazar has fine-tuned his ear to introduce a sound that is refreshing, intellectual, and catchy. Additionally, the background of being a dancer has elevated his stage presence and solidified his reputation as a crowd pleaser. “A dancer-turned-dj knows what to play to make people dance.”

The last few years have proven that Brian Salazar has a keen sense of diversified soul and a deep understanding that track selection, skills, programming, and stage presence are essential. Considered a sleeping giant, he introduces himself to the world as the next prolific movement to change a culture and uplift a generation.