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Alexandra Marinescu Bio

As a former Olympic medalist and recipient of several medals and international awards, Alexandra knew success from a very early age. Due to repetitive injuries on her back, in 1997 she was forced to leave the competitions and pursue another great passion: electronic music.

In 2003 Alexandra started mixing as a Dj in local clubs and quickly became a resident Dj at Deva’s best club. In parallel she started producing music with “Contact” aka 3 Liquid Hz and in 2006, released her first solo EP “Imagine”. In 2007, Alexandra founded 3 Liquid Hz Records along with other 2 musicians and released “00:00” (3 Liquid Hz) and her second solo release “The Lost Drip“.

In early 2008, Alexandra receives the proposition to host her own show at Digitally Imported, after collecting great feedback’s for her past promo mixes. Since May 2008 she started hosting “Nuances” monthly at

After a few years of national gigs, she started playing outside of her country, Romania, and so she accomplishes one of the most successfully nights at Dusk Till Dawn Club in Bournemouth, UK.

The most important aspect about Alexandra is that she is driven by the passion for music and not by the passion for big earnings in the Dj industry.