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Ace Tatsu Bio

DJ Ace Tatsu relocated to San Francisco in 1996, from Brooklyn, NY, where he was born and raised. New to the city, he started exploring San Francisco’s famous nightlife, discovering new restaurants, lounges and dance clubs on a regular basis. Having traveled a good portion of the world early on in his ventures , provided Ace with a grander view of what life had to offer, but there was something magnetically appealing about San Francisco that kept him in this city. A place so rich in culture and diversity. Soul and creativity oozing from every corner. Intertwined and amplified so richly by its inhabitants through music. In recollection, the first time the sound captivated him, Ace was listening to “Mushroom Jazz” by Mark Farina. It was a sound that was soulful, deep and took you away on to a magical place. From that point on, music was no longer a sound, but a destination. It was the rich , organic feeling that radiated from this music that eventually translated into a passion, leaving Ace wanting to learn more about the process of melding these audible treats together, and creating that same state of bliss for others.

As San Francisco’s DJ culture erupted, Ace gained extensive exposure to other mixing styles ranging from Hip Hop and Mash ups to Breaks, Progressive house and Trance and experimenting with all. A huge influence in his early stage of music, an old friend DJ/Producer Jorge Torres lent a helping hand by rendering four crates of his own House records collection. These records were proven to be a catalyst early on in his musical venture, loaded with masterpieces from record labels such as Nervous New York and Strictly Rhythm.

In 2005, the passion developed into an obsession and using a pair of turntables his Brother loaned him he began the process of honing the Dj Craft. At times, as though driven by a spiritual force, the relentless urge to search for music and create audible journeys was unmistakable. The end of 2005 came with his first mix cd release” Love Groove”, a smashing success for fans of deep sexy house music. Following 6 Months later was “Love Accelerated”, another deep sexy soulful mix, with a dash of international flavor. 2007 saw the release of his “Balance” mixed Cd series… which some fresh new sounds were exhibited. With over 15 Mixed CD’s to his credit ranging from Deep House, Progressive, Electro, Minimal , Tech, and Breaks and some Remixes and original Tracks, and many more on their way to completion, Ace is charging ahead and letting his intuition take the wheel.

When asked about Musical selections that influenced his early style, Ace showed appreciation for Miguel Migs and the Naked Music label, Hedkandi, and the music played by local favorites such as Julius papp, Kaskade, jay j and Donovan to name a few. Other influences such as little louie vega, Dj Gregory, lawnchair generals, gabriel and dresden, late night alumni, Jask, Gene Farris and Fish go Deep played a huge role in his early influences.

Today Ace’s Music evolves as he is incorporating his past-to-present music styles and versatile beats. Club owners and promoters find it a pleasure to work with him because of his practical down to earth attitude and work ethic. He is genuinely interested in the success of all parties and individuals involved during his performances. Ace has etched his footprint of sound all over San Francisco for the last 5 years and has held residencies at the most prestigious night clubs and events. You can find him playing at several high Profile Residencies such as one of the longest running Day Partys in San Francisco, 2nd Sunday, the latest Upscale Nightclub, Infusion lounge and regular gigs at Vessel, Harlot, and Mighty just to name a few. Having Played along side many seasoned Artists such as D:Fuse, Faarsheed, David Harness, Dj Rap, Dj Colette, Marques Wyatt, Gene Farris, Derrick Carter, Dj Dan, Donald Glaude, Miguel Migs, Julius Papp, King Britt, Ed Solo, Lee Coombs,High Spies, Indicant, Doc Martin, Sultan, and Nick Warren….just to name a few..and being part of a Dj and musician collective ” Bassyx ” , his ears have been well tuned to produce a sound that audiences find unique and compelling.

As Ace’s Popularity continues to rapidly gain momentum, his reputation for consistency and artistry also continues to make its mark throughout the Electronic Dance music scene. His sounds have been embraced as far off Domestically as New York City, and Internationally throughout eastern Europe, Austria, London, and Australia. Having just Returned from a European tour mid 2010, were he was the touring Dj for a House Music Band dubbed ” FATMAGIC “, and then again in Eastern Europe on a Solo Tour based out of BudaPest, Hungary…..the size of his audience is seeing rapid growth. These days his work is becoming more progressive, tech and underground, yet keeping the sexy, grooving vibe that it is known for. The new sound is largely influenced by this tour in Eastern Europe and Artists he met out there who highly influenced this paradigm shift were Slam JR., Csabi Goyes, Chris Drifter, and Jay Lumen. Ace is now working diligently in the studio Producing and remixing with his partners Dj Gunz and percussionist Ammo, better known as “Bassyx” a San Francisco based live EDM act as well as Collaborating with Indicant and the Quarterlife Records NYC label, known for their cutting edge tech sound and Chris drifter of Sound Tribe Records. His aim is set on the World, so be on the lookout for his musical journeys, heading your way! Ace’s “One Love” belief in combination with his always-fresh music style – illuminates positive vibes amongst his audience and industry’s most critical ears. His track selection is highly refined, and he meticulously melds the music and sounds together with the full intention of delighting your audible senses and taking you on a breathless musical journey you will not soon forget.