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We know, we know… everyone is a DJ. So what makes 3-L-3-TRONIC different? They bring energy and entertainment beyond anything you’ve seen or heard before. One male and one female together as a collective, each bringing their own unique talents and style. Performers Vitamindevo and Bianca Dino make 3-L-3-TRONIC. The DJ sets: bassy, dubby-breaks and progressive tech-house, blended with a unique collection of psy-breaks, electro, and chuggy-progressive finds, creating a low-end journey full of build-ups, break-downs, and break-throughs. It’s battle between robots from the future and tribal warriors…Right now the show is about 50% original produced material, live vocals, and synths. 3-L-3-Tronic LIVE adds live drums, more vocals, original visuals, and more. TAKIN OVER FROM COAST TO COAST ONE CITY AT A TIME! Currently, we are continuing to finish a bunch of new singles, working on a full-length original album, and practicing to make our “live” show tour-ready.