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Liz Phair

@ Cafe du Nord

Liz Phair was variously described as feminist, indie, candidly sexual, and raw in reviews of her first three albums: Exile in Guyville, Whip Smart, and Whitechocolatespaceegg.

In 2003(five years removed from her latest album, Whitechocolatespaceegg), Phair made a radical departure from her indie sound with the glossy, pop friendly, self-titled Liz Phair. While sex has never been a subject Phair has shied away from, the album cover was nothing short of a Penthouse spread with Phair naked straddling her guitar (a thinly veiled euphemism?).

Liz Phair was ill received by most critics and served to alienate many of Liz Phair's fans who had been behind her since her debut with Exile in Guyville. Truly, it seems there was a concerted effort on the highly produced Liz Phair to sex things up to the Nth degree. The most blatant (and comical) of these tracks was "H.W.C" which sang the virtues of ingesting the male ejaculated DNA spritzer.

On Oct.8, Liz's latest Somebody's Miracle hits the stores. Phair claims this album will meld her original indie sound with her recently acquired polished pop sound. In support of her new album, Phair has embarked on an acoustic tour in smaller venues (in perhaps an attempt to reconnect with her indie roots?) that concludes in San Francisco on Aug.18&19 at Café du Nord. We'll have to see if Phair's efforts result in keeping her pop audience and bringing her indie fans back into the fold.