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Liverpool Lil's

Smashes the Marina Stereotype

Despite popular opinion, the Marina isn't simply a J.Crew catalog come to life. Sure, there are people in capri slacks having too much fun buying bread or some such thing. And yes, there are a lot of manicure salons and designer underpants shops. But beneath the Marina's seemingly Bushwood* exterior is one of the city's most laid back and fresh neighborhood bars. And they serve food until 1 am. This oasis in khaki land is Liverpool Lil's. And it's pretty fantastic. Liverpool Lil's sits right at the Lombard St. entrance to the Presidio. The view from the curbside tables is truly unstoppable: lots of big trees and such. The inside ambience is pretty swell too.

Probably 1000 photos cover the dark wood walls. They're mostly historic sports photos, but they're not of the "most macho tackles in history" variety. For instance, the photo curator for the men's washroom put together a remarkable collage of track stars and Billie Jean King. And the walls of the ladies room, I've been told, have been decorated with photographs of the biggest studs in Hollywood's history: Paul Newman et all.

Liverpool Lil's appropriately describes itself as a "Restaurant and Public House" since the whole back half of the place is a restaurant, and the bar part feels like you're in someone's house (albeit a house with a bar and lots of strangers). But when I've been there with friends it's like hanging out in a super fresh basement wreck room that just happens to have all sorts of wine, the good stuff and beer on tap. The bar menu (I haven't seen the dining room menu yet, but everyone in there seems to be enjoying a delicious meal) has just about everything, from fries to escargot, steamed clams to a cheeseburger. Those looking for a garden salad may have to take care of that before you come, although I think you can get one in the dining room. Call 921-6664 to make sure.

Liverpool Lil's is an ideal local bar that happens to be in the Marina. When I moved here, I was led to believe that people in this neighborhood wore different outfits for getting the mail and had manservants. To date, I haven't actually seen any of this going on. In any event, Liverpool Lil's is a far cry from any foo-foo shi-shi stereotypes the area may have. It's the perfect place for anyone looking to have a nice mellow night of drinking, eating, conversation or just gazing at pictures of Billie Jean King while washing your hands.

*For those who forget or haven't seen Caddyshack, Bushwood is the fancy-schmancy Country Club in the movie.