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Live Review: Lady Gaga

A Star is Born

“Well, San Francisco,” cooed Lady Gaga, wearing one of dozens of bazonkers outfits eclipsed in ridiculousness only by the feathers, leotards, Mickey ears, sequined chokers and ill-fitting hot pants donned by her audience, “this is our first date together, which means I can suck your cock and still feel okay.”

So yeah, let us hail the emergence of a new pop star and all that. Lady Gaga sang, danced and swore her way into the shamelessly superficial affections of San Francisco for two very fun hours on Sunday, asserting her perfectionist dedication to fame, fashion, sex appeal and music, in that order. She returns to the stage for another sold-out show tonight at the Civic Auditorium.

Lady Gaga is decidedly here to stay, Despite sometimes not making very much sense when talking to the crowd.

“Some of you may not know where to fit in in the world, but know that you always have a place with me. When you are lonely, I’ll be lonely too. And that is The Fame!”

“The way my fans work their cameras, it’s like kings writing the histories of their kingdoms.”

But, she was genuinely appreciative of her fans — she thanked them 30 times, I swear — and put on a party-blizzard of a show. The entire auditorium let loose for “Just Dance,” “Paparazzi,” “Poker Face,” “Shameless,” and “Bad Romance.” It helped that her warm-up music was 35 minutes of Michael Jackson, which killed it more than opener Kid Cudi.

Everything was on point, choreographed — or improvised with such fluidity so as to look choreographed — with live singing and backup dancers.

Gaga makes a big deal of being “from the underground” and doing things her own way, and it’s true. But what Gaga has is a need to fulfill of dual needs — one for that uncensored down-to-earthness and another for something that we sometimes forget while dance on the grave of the record industry: We need pop stars, no matter how obvious the myth.

“The thing I hate more than anything is the truth,” Gaga said at one point during her show Monday. “I can’t stand the truth — in fact, I prefer a giant dose of bullshit.”