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Little Boots

Old Questions, New Answers

Nobody likes going back to work after a vacation, and Victoria Hesketh, better known as UK-electropop sensation Little Boots, is no exception. SF Station caught up with her during a phone interview from a London hotel, where she found herself swamped in promotional duties after a weeklong holiday. She returns San Francisco for a show at The Independent on September 19th. Her debut EP Illuminations was released in June and her first LP Hands (already available in the UK) is set for release in the U.S. later this year.

SF Station (SFS): It is your first day back from holiday. How many interviews have you done, so far?

Victoria Hesketh (VH): I think Iím being punished for it. Iíve done 13 interviews today and I have a show tonight.

SFS: Did you enjoy your vacation, at least?

VH: It was great; it just wasnít long enough. I just slept and read a lot.

SFS: Are you anxious to release your album in the U.S.?

VH: Yeah, Iím really looking forward to it.

SFS: What is the most difficult part of the pre-release process for you?

VH: Probably all of the interviews. I really love my album and Iím proud of it, but itís difficult to be enthusiastic 10 times a day when you are sometimes asked the same question. I just wish I could be interviewed and asked a question one time and not have to answer it again.

SFS: What question are you asked most often?

VH: How did I get my name?

SFS: Maybe you should start making up new answers.

VH: I did. I started making up ridiculous answers to questions, but if you do it with the wrong people they just get mad or they think you are weird. It doesnít always work, but itís more fun.

I play this weird instrument called Tenori and I told someone that I found it on a beach and dug it up through a hole.

SFS: How did that instrument really come into your life?

VH: I found it in a studio about a year ago.

SFS: Youíre performing at the GQ awards. Isnít that where Lilly Allen and Elton John had a big row last year?

VH: I donít know. I donít really follow gossip.

SFS: I thought maybe since Perez Hilton was an early supporter you might be more involved.

VH: I like Perez and I used to read his site a lot, but I just donít have time any more. Perez is very clever and funny, but I donít read any of the English pubs. They are so crap.

SFS: Have you popped up in any?

VH: Yes, unfortunately. They just make stuff up, but itís kind of harmless anyway.

SFS: Is Miley Cyrus really one of your influences?

VH: She is not an influence, but I think she has some good pop songs.

SFS: What other pop artists do you like?

VH: I like Britney Spears and Iím looking forward to Christina Aguileraís new album. I like Madonna, Kylie and stuff like that.

SFS: What else should people in the U.S. know about you that they might not already know?

VH: They should know that I am not like Lady Gaga. Some people think that.

SFS: I think you get a lot of comparisons because you fall into that same pop category.

VH: I guess so. I think Lady Gaga is great, but itís such a very different thing than what I do. She is very sexual and kind of outlandish and standout. I love fashion and electronic music and pop music, but it is really coming from a different place.

SFS: So we wonít see you in hot pants in San Francisco?

VH: Maybe hot pants, but I wonít be putting stuff down them.

Little Boots performs at The Independent on September 19th. Tickets are $15 in advance and $17 at the door. Doors open at 8:30pm and the show starts at 9pm.