Little Baobab

3388 19th Street, San Francisco , CA
+1 415.643.3558
Little Baobab Website
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Mon-Sun (5:30pm-2am)


Little Baobab, part of Bissap Boabab Village, is an intimate restaurant and dance club located on 19th Street between Mission and Capp Street, in San Francisco’s Mission District.  From 5:30pm-10pm the restaurant features recipes from islands of the Caribbean and Senegal, serving delicious curries and fragrant sauces. The home style cooking and friendly atmosphere exude warmth and beckon you to enjoy good food, friends, and dancing.

At 10pm, the restaurant transforms into a dancehall; the DJ takes his place, the tables are cleared out and the dancing doesn’t stop until 2am. Locals and the international community groove to West African beats, Congolese, Reggae, Afro-Brazilian and Latin music. You’ll find that even your friends who are hesitant to step foot on the dance floor can’t resist shakin’ it.

Little Baobab celebrates the African Diaspora and invites people from every corner of our global village to eat, drink and dance together.