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Lisa Bradbury Skincare

Customized Skincare

Lisa Bradbury and Shirley Lau have been in business at Fillmore Street’s Lisa Bradbury Skincare for six years -- and quite simply, they’re in the business of making your skin the best it can possibly be.

Lisa, who’s been coaxing problem skin back to new life for over 20 years, has received plenty of proof that her facials work. “Some people come for pampering, but we’re really problem solvers -- these aren’t 'foo foo’ facials that we’re dishing out. We do our best to be as thorough as possible in evaluating and treating our clients’ skin,” she says.

Both Lisa and Shirley (who can attest to Lisa’s magic touch, given that she started out as one of her clients) began their respective careers in makeup artistry and image consulting, but the personal flavor is what drew them to skincare.

“There’s a certain intimacy when you’re two inches away from someone who has no makeup on…in a sense, you can read people more and connect with them more,” according to Shirley.

The clientele at Lisa Bradbury Skincare, predictably, are loyal enthusiasts; many have been frequenting the spa since their teens. “Our clients are people who truly care about their skin, and they’re very much interested in learning more about products or on things like how to treat acne,” says Lisa. In fact, aside from the customary passel of facials, peels, and microdermabrasion treatments (as well as other treats like makeup application and waxing), Lisa and Shirley specialize in heavy-duty skin conditions such as adult acne, rosacea, and post-surgical skincare.

No two treatments at the spa are alike, given that everything is customized, depending on factors such as climate, ethnic diversity, age range, and lifestyle. The spa’s lines include Agera, Pevonia Botanica, Samuel Par, and Epicuren -- running the gamut from antioxidant therapy to botanical ingredients to aromatherapy. “Some products are needed more than others, depending on what kind of skin you’re treating,” explains Lisa. “Sometimes we want to avoid certain ingredients if we’ve determined that a client has been overusing an active ingredient…or we might see hardened pores as a result of dehydration, so it’s all about hydrating the skin. But training and rebalancing the skin is dependent on a variety of factors, and it’s different from person to person.”

I’m treated to a facial with Shirley, which proves to be as luxurious as it is educational. I’m impressed by the dual function of the facial: Shirley fills the hour with plenty of much-needed info (sadly, too often neglected at other establishments) as well as opportunities for me to simply lie back and bliss out. Shirley slathers my skin with a variety of products meant to soothe and rebalance, including my now-favorite Microderma Activator and Mask from the product line Agera, which sends antioxidant vitamins deep into the skin to repair damages and blemishes. She also gives me lots of useful tips, such as the importance of cleansing one’s skin for at least three minutes. “I always emphasize how important it is for clients to actually massage their cleanser into their skin for a longer time,” Shirley says. “Aside from improving circulation, it keeps your pores soft and clean, which makes it less necessary to exfoliate or use too many other products.”

Lisa Bradbury Skincare also carries the Clarisonic Skincare Brush, a tool that works with the natural elasticity of the skin to provide gentle daily cleansing. The brush oscillates back and forth, producing over 300 movements per second, which works to dig dirt and oil from your pores, and also aids in hydration, balances skin tone and texture, and ensures that blackheads won’t form as easily. As Shirley plies my skin with the brush, I can practically feel my blemishes being zapped out of their pores. Of course, the transformation isn’t that drastic, but my skin is demonstrably hydrated, more even-textured, and suffused with a satisfied glow by the time Shirley is done with me.

Lisa and Shirley’s skincare advice: keep it simple. “In our consultations, we evaluate different factors of people’s lives, and we try to give advice that is salient to their lifestyles,” says Lisa. “For instance, if someone is very busy and travels a lot, they may not be willing to have a three-step program or use a ton of products. It’s our job to figure out what our client is willing to do and educate them from there…Balanced skin needs consistency and care, but it shouldn’t have to take too much to get there.”

Amen to that!