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Leopold and His Fiction

Nothing Fictitious About This Talented Duo

After banging out some quality shows in Southern California, Leopold and His Fiction head north to Nevada for a show in Boulder City and Sin City (read: Las Vegas, for the uninitiated), Nevada before returning to San Francisco for a one night stand at the Makeout Room on Friday, September 8th. Given their travel heavy schedule, one would expect a certain amount of road weariness, but youth is on Leopold and His Fictionís side (Ben Cook is 27 and Daniel Toccalino is 25), so a speedy recovery isnít out of the question.

Youth is not the only asset Leopold and His Fiction possess. This talented duo has a solid handle on their respective gifts. Daniel contributes vocals that are an eclectic amalgamation of Jack White, Ryan Adams, Julian Casablancas, and a few shots of properly aged whiskey. Ben infuses all of their tracks with equal parts jazz, blues, and rock to great effect, typically.

It would be easy to lump a band like Leopold and His Fiction into the same general category of The White Stripes, the Strokes, and a myriad of other bands that have a gritty, garage band sound to them. But, there is an earnestness to Leopold and His Fiction that elevates them above many of their brethren. One can point to a myriad of influences -- Led Zeppelin, Howliní Wolf, The White Stripes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. However, Leopold and His Fiction are talented enough to define a sound that is largely their own.

The four songs on their EP (the full length LP arrives in mid-September), "She Ainít Got Time", "Shakey Mama Blues", "Be Still", and "Go On Have My Way" reveal the broad range of these fledgling musicians. "She Ainít Got Time" is a catchy, straight up garage rock ballad (reflective of Danielís gritty Detroit roots) about the kind of woman who ainít got time for much aside from a quick evening of wellÖ.you can probably imagine.

"Be Still" reflects a different side of Leopold and His Fiction. Itís a track that reveals Benís southern, languid, bluesy roots. It is largely a mournful musing about a disingenuous, troubled young woman who clearly is in need of some internal silence and peace. While Daniel pleads for the young woman to stay, one has to wonder why this would be the case. Creative fodder, no doubt.

While the aforementioned tracks sound pretty infectious on a reasonable audio set up, Leopold and His Fiction is the kind of band that can best be appreciated live at a smoky, vaguely inebriated venue. Fortunately, for those who gravitate towards the kind of sound Leopold and His Fiction bring, such an opportunity is on the horizon.

Leopold and His Fiction
with Strix Vega
Sept 8th
at The Make Out Room
8:30pm, $6