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Lennon is Beautiful in Subtle Ways

The Creating of a Modern Day Prophet

What first stirred my curiosity about the musical, was my love for <i>The Beatles'</i> music. That why probably 75% of the people were there. Our mutual love for the songs.

I didn't know what to expect from "Lennon". A musical with one person playing Lennon? Traditional in that sort of way. But what I/we the audience received was an entire cast that played Lennon: Men, Women, Multiple Cultural even. My point of reference to him had always been <i>The Beatles</i>. But this was a tale from various perspectives and voices, each telling of Lennon's life; from troubled rocker, to the heights of the Beatles, to his life with Yoko up until his death. From the opening, a video of the space shuttle circling the earth and a recording of an astronaut paraphrasing "Imagine", the songs tell the story. Something I find refreshing and, in many ways, more truthful than any made-up dialog could ever be. And it went on like this this, the story, the song, up to one point when we were being sung a powerful rendition of "Woman Is The Nigger Of The World", when it hit me. More than learning about the bio-stuffs of Lennon, I was seeing the man and his ability to connect truth to song. But not just truth for his life, truth in all our lives. Universal truths like love, life, and humility.

Sure, some parts are a little cheese; it's a love story as much as it is a bio. But mostly, I've spent the last few hours looking up lyrics of John Lennon songs, finding wonderful gems like this from "Woman" after he had been cheated on and been separated from Yoko for a year:

And woman I will try express,
My inner feelings and thankfullness,
For showing me the meaning of succsess...

As a man, seeing the context in which John Lennon delved to unearth truths like these, Lennon the musical is a sublime success by almost any measure. Most people will get a new appreciation of the man, but others, like me, will come away with a new appreciation of what it is to be human.