Lean Startup for Food Entrepreneurs with Bea de la Cierva

Wed Sep 20
The Archery
06:30 PM
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The Lean Startup Methodology has had a great impact in the way all kinds of entrepreneurs address their companies, but oftentimes it is misunderstood. Being a “lean” entrepreneur means much more than developing products in a fast and efficient way —it implies living under a philosophy of falling in love with the customer's needs and actively committing to finding solutions to meet them.This workshop will provide insights and a broader understanding of the key factors that every entrepreneur should work on when designing a successful business. In the entrepreneurial world, progress should not only be measured by revenue, but by other key metrics that reflect your unique mission and purpose.In this hands-on session, we will examine what a lean startup looks like, and we will spend time analyzing and reflecting on our own businesses and what really matters. The Business Model Canvas and other tools for reflection and discussion will be available during the session. Let's get started!About BeaBea is an internationally qualified Human Capital Professional with four years of experience in generating value through innovation, people and the creation of new products. She has worked in initiatives both in the corporate and the startup ecosystem, most recently helping KitchenTown launch its pilot Accelerator and Open Innovation programs.She led a public startup accelerator program for Deloitte, where she mentored more than 200 entrepreneurs, designed innovation and Lean Startup workshops, and organized network sessions in the startup community. For more information, view her LinkedIn profile.


  1. The Archery
    470 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA