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Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Dropping everything from bass heavy hip hop remixes to electro, Lando Kal and Low Limit constitute the dope duo better known as Lazersword. Traveling all over the world and playing festivals with big names such as Flying Lotus and headlining their own shows here in the Bay, these boys know how to throw a great party and have managed to garner a mass following of fans along the way. Taking time out of their busy schedule for SF Station, Lazersword graciously answers a few questions.

SF Station (SFS): Are you guys originally from San Francisco?

Antaeus/Lando Kal (A): I am originally from SF via Sacramento and Bryant dog is from Portland; P-town as the true pimps like to call it.

Bryant/Low Limit (B): But we've been around the Bay long enough to witness the entire rise and fall of the hyphy movement! Survivors!

SFS: Why the name Lazersword?

A: Well, I own a Korg Kaoss Pad from which we used to play live with, and one night a few years back, I happened to be skimming through the names of some of the effects it produces and one of them happened to be named "lazer sword". I mentioned it to B and we both equally thought it had to happen! The name was born. It was just too fitting.

B: Nowadays there are a few other acts who have popped up with the word Lazer in them, but we were the original innovators of spelling it with a Z, suckas!

SFS: Tell us about your album in the works.

A: The album has a slew of different styles that we tend to experiment with. Most of it is the same choppy, quirky-synthed, complex transitions, and efx, type style that we always incorporate, but there's also some slower, more manageable material in there as well. Though most of it is beatery more or less, we definitely dabble with an electro/techno vibe from which we are also influenced by. It has plenty of songs you havenít heard. And we assure you, you will get down.

B: It's gonna be released on new LA-based Innovative Leisure, who we are proud to be repping as the first artist and release from the label. As opposed to individual tracks or mixtapes/remixes, which we're largely known for, a full length album is an opportunity to really give a sense of your entire array of production styles. As Ant mentions, it will be a very beat-oriented, percussion-heavy affair that we are known for, but we're going about it with the intention of presenting a vivid look into the whole spectrum of what we are about and how we get down.

SFS: Of course, doing a full length album is lots of work, but is it more than you expected? Any awesome collaborations?

A: Yes and no, I mean, we always love working on music and playing shows. It's in our blood. So that aspect we've already embraced and were prepared for. But obviously, the music business goes far beyond just that. The networking, the connections, the fine print; the list goes on and on. We're representing a brand, a musical concept, not just the music itself. As for collaborations, we just knocked down a killer collab show with our roommate and close friend Ghosts on Tape, which was loads of fun! But we also done remixes for some pretty worthy artists in the game, and have some great collabs yet to come.

SFS: What type of music do you guys like to play the most?

A: We like to play a number of different styles of music but it's mainly our own so obviously it all relates. The music we play by others is more or less what influences our own sound. We tend to dabble with a lot of other quirky/wonky hip hop, glitchy thangs, a lil' dubstep (though a lot of it is pretty streamline and not as creative these days), electro / techno, top 40's rap, hyphy of course... and everything in between.

B: It depends on the setting/club a lot. I feel like we're generally known for our more hip hop tempo and bass-heavy beat trickery, and that shit is always a blast. Slower tempos do make for better live beat showcases like more opportunities to break the track down and go off one a one minute drum machine solo etc, and often there are more people at those kinds of shows who are there to observe that type of thing. Although I think we have just as much fun when we step into the club/electro territory, faster tempos and dance floor bombs do tend get the crowd really pumped. I think the level of performance we bring to the club is generally unseen with the whole electro/rave/hipster/etc genre, which is for the most part dominated DJs playing MP3s. So if the timing is right (don't put us on at 10:00), we do tend to get a great response at these shows as well.

SFS: Who would be your dream collaboration?

A: Dream collaborator for me would be, Prince, Mr. Oizo, and Clipse.

B: I would be thrilled to work with Black Moth Super Rainbow, E-40, and Simian Mobile Disco. All at once!

SFS: You guys have been all over the world, any favorite places?

A: Some of our favorite places we've played or been, we'd have to say are Amsterdam, London, and Berlin! Big fun indeed.

B: Amsterdam! The most visually incredible place Iíve ever seen. The buildings look as if it was pulled out of a Dr. Seuss book, canals all around, and very friendly people... and bikes run the streets there!

SFS: Tell us about your most memorable gig.

A: I'd say one of the most memorable gigs for us was when we played a New Year's Eve party in Montreal with all of our close Canadian friends that do similar styles of music. We partied hard and played extra long sets. The scene in Montreal for that kind of electronic beat, is super vibrant and people support big. Great response and most definitely a memorable night.

B: Yep, Montreal New Yearís Eve with Megasoid, Hovatron, and Nosaj Thing... epic night and the fans there are wild! So many fun ones though... the entire Europe experience was amazing. Maybe in Nottingham when the bass was so big that our midi controllers were pushing buttons on their own! That memory will stay for a long time.

SFS: Anything else you would like your fans and future fans to be on the lookout for?

A: Be on the lookout for a few upcoming releases including our Wireblock which is a Glasgow based label, solo split release, our first single 12" "Gucci Sweatshirt" from the full length, and the full length itself! All due before the year's end. And Europe, we're coming back for more. U.S., hit us up so we can slay a club near you! Oh and I Antaeus (Lando Kal) am moving to New York in August so we'll have Lazersword on different coasts! Don't get me wrong, I love you SF, you're my official hometown, but gotta make moves for la futura.

B: Blow Up on the 26th is gonna be buck wild! Thanks to all the dope ass friends and family in the bay who've continued to support and make our shows go off. And someone send us E-40's email address!

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