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San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney If you are facing criminal charges, it is extremely important that you get effective and aggressive representation as soon as possible in order to preserve your rights. The Law Offices of Holden W. Green, A Professional Corporation provides representation that is tailored to suit the specifics of each client's individual case and needs. Criminal matters have serious punishments that are enforced upon conviction. The firm is dedicated to gathering all of the information necessary to construct a strong defense on your behalf. Many people are unaware that Santa Clara County (for example) has a do not drop policy when it comes to domestic violence type calls to law enforcement. Many people feel that calling the police will actually mediate a family or spousal dispute and/or dispel an argument. However, once the police arrive the caller is shocked to learn that someone involved in the dispute is being arrested and booked into the county jail. Bail is posted and many hours of paperwork must be handled before release. Often times the police and/or the district attorney may feel that no bail is required and that only a judge can issue a release. Another way the do not drop policy continues is if the district attorney decides to move forward and file formal charges. At this stage only the district attorney with judicial approval can dismiss the case. The victim can certainly influence the decision, but the ultimate choice is not theirs to make. Many people are shocked to discover this reality. This is when the Law Offices of Holden Green can step in and help. And, while there can never be any guarantees, we can protect the accused from spending time in jail or attending 52 weeks of domestic violence classes' fines and fees. There are many ways to work for a different solution that is more in line to what is just and fair. This could mean fighting hard for a dismissal (because that is the just result) or modifying the disposition to something that is less invasive, such as disturbing the peace. Winning a different outcome other than a straight domestic violence conviction takes the matter out of the statewide criminal database for domestic violent offenders (CLETS order). Mr. Green has handled a number of these types of cases and can help you understand your options for addressing this situation. The firm confidently and zealously represents clients in a wide range of felony and misdemeanor criminal matters, including: Record clearance (expungement) Three Strikes Robbery Burglary Assault Battery Traffic problems Parole violations and probation violations Domestic violence Drug crimes (possession, trafficking, distribution, intent to sell) The firm also handles juvenile delinquency and juvenile crime matters. In these types of cases, it is even more important to gain the assistance of a lawyer. A conviction as a juvenile may have an impact on the rest of their lives. Effective representation can help not only preserve the rights of the juvenile, but also preserve his or her future as well. The Power of the Subpoena One of the unique yet extremely useful tools of the Law Offices of Holden Green uses when addressing traffic tickets is a Subpoena Duces Tecum. Essentially the officer must bring everything to the court that is on the list. The law office usually requests the lidar/radar equipment physically into court among other relevant items/statements to be used in presenting a defense in court. Many times the officer cannot gather all the records quick enough. For that reason the case either gets dismissed (for lack of evidence) or amended to a much lesser charge even a no point violation. Another useful tool is to ask for a speedy trial or have the ticket heard within 45 days of arraignment. This also puts pressure on the officer to either produce or dismiss. For criminal matters the result is the same. Rather than serving the requested materials from the police officer, it is instead served upon the office of the district attorney. More information on traffic court defenses can be presented at a personal free 35 minute consultation with Mr. Green. Contact a San Jose criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Holden W. Green, A Professional Corporation to learn more about how the firm can help you. A free 35-minute initial consultation is offered in order for you to have your case assessed by a member of the firm's exceptional legal team. Do not take chances with your future. Get in touch with Mr. Green and his staff today. Come In. Feel Better.