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KT Tunstall - Drastic Fantastic

Released on EMI UK, 9/18/07

Fans of KT Tunstall’s will not be disappointed with her latest release Drastic Fantastic!. This Scottish journeywoman wows her audience again with her blend of easy-strum rock-pop-bop. The album is like listening to a soundtrack illuminating a moment of script from television or film. It is more intimate than "Dawson’s Creek" but as embraceable as say, "Grey’s Anatomy".

KT Tunstall cemented her North American break with her first boot-stomping hit, "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree", when "American Idol" contestant Katherine McPhee asked Tunstall’s permission to perform the song on the show. Tunstall received a little conflicting press with her less than reserved stance about such shows. Nonetheless, "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" quickly shot to #23 on the charts after McPhee’s performance.

Drastic Fantastic emerges a braver musical soldier from KT Tunstall. With this album she clearly takes more chances, and the rich songwriting and beautiful sentiment overflows with bare honesty. Her heartfelt, strong and whispery vocals (think Feist, Julianna Hatfield, Kirsty McColl, and maybe Dido) are focused yet loose and undeniably infectious with the softened twang of her semi-acoustic Gretsch. Known for her live performances, her rebel spirit exudes a firecracker of wanderlust that meanders alongside her quiet sweetness.

This second proper studio installment opens with a few catchy guitar-riffing tunes opening with "Little Favors". The feel of her live shows are translated well in this studio production, capturing a taste of what she’s known for: honest musicianship. Drastic Fantastic leaves the last four songs with even deeper introspection. "Saving My Face" is about a fifty-year old woman trying to look like a teenage girl.

Drastic Fantastic is an album filled with a comfy joy and it washes onto your shore and bevels your toes with its crests.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars