[kontrol]: Pole, Tone of Arc, Centrific, Adnan Sharif

Event has passed (Sat May 5, 2012 - Sat May 5, 2012)
The Endup
10pm - 6am
Clubs, Music
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[ K O N T R O L ]

minimal techno + avant house
two more 1st Saturdays at The Endup

featuring special guests:

(~scape, Mute, Echochord // Berlin)

* TONE of ARC - LIVE * aka Dead Seal
(No. 19, Crosstown Rebels, MFR, Visionquest // SF)

(Intellephunk, Drop Bass Network // Minneapolis)

(Forward, Uniting Souls // SF)

and [KONTROL] resident:

(S.W.A.T., Bionic, Robsoul // SF)


401 6th St @ Harrison, SF
10pm - 6am / 21+ / $20

FREE before 11pm!




RA Event:



Stefan Betke aka pole was born and raised in Düsseldorf, where he played keyboards and synthesizer in different band projects. It was in Cologne that Betke began work on his acclaimed and influential trilogy "1", "2" and "3", completing it in Berlin after moving there in 1996. He released the trilogy as pole between 1998 and 2000. During this time, he also became a mastering engineer for vinyl and CD at Dubplates & Mastering. In 1999, Stefan and Barbara Preisinger started their label ˜scape, which became an imprint for unique and outstanding electronic music made by artists such as Jan Jelinek, Deadbeat, Kit Clayton, pole and many more. The same year Stefan Betke left Dubplates & Mastering to open up his own studio for cd and vinylpre-mastering called scape mastering.

After releasing two 12 inches and an album on Daniel Miller’s famous Mute label, his well respected solo album “Steingarten” came out on ˜scape in 2007, supported by worldwide concerts at festivals and in clubs in UK, Japan, USA and Europe. In mid 2008, Betke re-issued his earlier trilogy as a triple box set on ˜scape to keep this milestone in electronic bass music available.

While Stefan was continuing to play live shows around the globe as well as produce electronic music and remix artists, he and Barbara were still running the label ˜scape on which the critically acclaimed "Round Black Ghosts" compilations were released in 2008 and 2009: two collections of tracks that blur the line between dubstep and techno. At the same time he co-organized Unsound Festival’s “Connections” project in Minsk, where artists from Europe, including Pinch, Kadebostan, Jacek Sienkiewicz, pole and more collaborated for one week with local Belarusian artists. This project ended in a CD release called “Connections”. Since then, Betke has been asked regularly to share his knowledge with students and musicians/producers in workshops at festivals and universities, such as Mutek/ Montreal, Unsound/Krakau, Merz Academie/Stuttgart, AKG Scholarship of Sound/Berlin, just to name a few.

While Stefan Betke was expanding his musical output, he still was doing mastering for renowned producers such as Richie Hawtin, Daniel Bell, Norm Tally, Scott Furgeson, Delano Smith, Josh T.
Pearson, Erasure, Apparat, Grinderman, Gudrun Gut, Thomas Fehlmann, The Mole, Mathew Jonson and various labels such as Mute, Third Ear, Minus, Wagon Repair, Leaf and many more. So it became a logical step that in 2009 he bought a Neumann VMS 70 cutting lathe to again offer vinyl mastering for producers in club and electronic music .

Recently, pole´s live sets developed into a funky and grooving dance floor direction presented in clubs like Fabric/London, Watergate/Berlin and The Bunker/New York CIty, as well as festivals like Bestival/Isle of White, Bloc Festival/UK and Mutek/Montreal, while maintaining the pole sound design and creativity for his record releases. A series of 12” is planned for the 2nd half of 2011 and 1st half of 2012, beginning with a 3 track EP on his new artist label “pole” in October 2011, and a digital re issue of his full back cataloque. These forthcoming releases will reconnect pole’s latest sound visions with his earlier work on the edge between electronic club music, urban dub and avantgarde, the sound for which pole was always well known and respected!






Who is Tone Of Arc? Producer Dead Seal AKA Derrick Boyd with his vocalist and partner Zoe Presnick are responsible for creating a space in music rarely explored in the house and pop scene. Both life long musicians, combining live instruments like guitar, bass, and alluring vocals, it's clearly an understatement to think talent and passion ever fall in short supply for these two. Tone of Arc have been working just over a year and a half on an album releases for mid 2012 on No.19 Music, a record label out of Toronto owned by Jonny White of Art Department and NItin Kalyan. Besides being recently charted on Maceo Plex's top 5 for "Ones To Watch for in 2012," they have been charted by other respected talents such as Alex Niggemen, David Squillace, Art Department and many more. So make sure to give an ear out for this hot duo threat and make sure not to miss out on their energetic and exclusive shows.


"On this day of the winter solstice we proudly announce the beginning of something great and refreshing to the world of enthusiastic ears, "TONE of ARC". 2012 will be a blast. In all the commotion around us, we must not forget to stay true to ourselves and celebrate new things and new people and new beginnings. More importantly we must not forget "the sound of the laws of creation". To be of the highest self you can be for not only yourself but for humanity and for nature. We are in an era that constantly speeds up and big ideas and big music slips through the quickening as songs become forgettable and our tension spans widen though the never ending list of new songs and new producers/musicians. It is of our intension to make music that inspires all walks of life though till the time it is no longer needed. However long that is it will not be forgotten. Bringing it all together and using every element possible in a classy, fun, and familiar way, Tone of Arc collects all major inspirations of music most familiar being punk, rock, jazz/blues, pop, 80's, disco, house and soul. Each song telling a story and produced with all the right math behind clear intensions of a greater tomorrow lead by greater people. We are extremely excited to release a life time of musical evolution and a solid year and a half of nonstop production in making the next new sound standing in the clear of it's own path. Keep a watch out for TONE of ARC as the music will be yours very soon."

All the best,






If you’ve ever seen Centrific play, then you already know why he’s an artist to be familiar with. If you’ve never seen him play, then you haven’t experienced what the Minneapolis electronic music scene is really about. He is hands down the most innovative DJ in the city, and possibly the Midwest. With an ear for good music that’s unrivaled by most, Centrific continues to break down barriers brought on by genre classifications and close-minded people. Steve’s passion and creativity has inspired every techno DJ in Minneapolis, in one way or another. Whether you happen to be into what he’s playing at the time or not, you get a better understanding of what a DJ should be just by watching him.

Besides DJing, Steve has created a reputation for throwing some of the best and most forward thinking events Minneapolis has ever seen. Promoting under Intellephunk, Steve is constantly bringing in electronic artists for the first time that continue to change the face of techno as the world knows it. Intellephunk stands for one thing above all; quality. Intellephunk events are highly regarded, not only by those lucky enough to attend them but also by every artist that has had the opportunity to play at one. Steve is one person who is unaffected by the day-to-day drama surrounding the music scene and only focuses on the most important part of it; the music.






Son of Palestinians, Brazilian-born, Adnan Sharif immigrated to the USA in 1987 and found a new home in the city of San Francisco. His DJ career started in 1995 and his first Gig was at the Legendary "The Gathering" in the San Francisco Bay Area. His musical styles include all genres of House music ranging from Deep to tech to Minimal. Presently Adnan Sharif is the resident dj and promoter of Forward, A monthly that takes place in Underground Locations and Clubs in SF.

Label Affiliations: Smoke 'n Mirrors, Uniting Souls Music, Area Sur Records, PR2 Recordings, Temple Music Group, Tarantic Records, Jah Love Recordings, Survival Sounds, Care Recordings

He had shared the turntables with Top DJs, to name a few: Dixon, Abe Duque, Tanner Ross, Droog, Justin Martin, Claude VonStroke, Hot Chip, Doc Martin, Jay TripWire, Terry Francis, Grant Dell, Mark Farina, Renato Ratier, Renato Lopez, Mau Mau, Luis Nieva, Miguel Silver, Jeno, Garth, Solar, Galen, Lance Desardi.

He has played at internationally renowned parties, to name a few: Beijing (China), D-Edge (Brazil), Warung (Brazil), Cozumel Club (Brazil), ACA World Sound Festival, World Social Fo


  1. The Endup
    401 Sixth Street, San Francisco, CA