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Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Michael Harms, better known as Konnect in the San Francisco DJ scene, has been into records since the glory days of the 8-track player. Originally from the East Coast, he has brought over influences from his start in the Baltimore Club scene, and is now redefining the bass music scene with hard and heavy beats. Catch him every first Saturday at Triple Crown for Trust and at Compression at 1015 on June 15th.

SF Station (SFS): Since you are from Baltimore, what is one vast difference in West Coast music compared to the East Coast?

Konnect (K): Wow! This is all opinion and such a hard question to answer, but I see a lot of similarities between the music that is produced and what each region’s people are known for personality-wise.

People from the West are cool and easy with a laidback and no-worries vibe, while people back East tend to be more dramatic, upfront, wired, and in your face. This, of course, affects how people produce their music and the vibe that comes across in it. Music is a true reflection of who we are as people.

The direction of bass music is really changing all that now, though. Technology has made it possible to make leaps and bounds of imagination through production and to collaborate with ease. Everything is melding together east, west, north, and south.

SFS: What is one thing you would change about the bass/dub scene in San Francisco?

K: I would love to see some of the larger venues in town do more events geared towards dubstep and bass line oriented Music. I really think exposing people and giving them a broader sense of what electronic music is about is extremely important right now.

SFS: Do you think it's growing in a positive direction?

K: For sure! Production-wise there are so many great producers right now here in SF and the Bay Area. That’s really helping to set the bar musically, and I think people are taking notice worldwide. As far as the events, there are some really passionate and die-hard promoters taking risk and making these nights happen. That in itself is positive and inspiring.

SFS: What keeps you in SF and not back to Baltimore?

K: While I will always have a love for Baltimore and its influence on me, life there is a bit slow-paced, and I'm a person that thrives in a busy atmosphere. SF is an incredible city. All the DJs that would visit Baltimore from SF back in the day were so good, and something seemed so magical about this place. Time and time again I would hear about the City and its legendary rave nights, so I already had a huge respect for SF before I ever even came here. Getting to really know SF over the past 4 years has been life changing for me.

SFS: Tell us a little about Trust.

K: We proudly play bass music in its many forms, but most importantly, it's an outlet to play original productions and to showcase the many talented DJs and MCs in this area. I really see the direction of the bass-oriented genres melding together and that’s what I wanted Trust to be about. I have rotating resident DJs Enki, Commodore69, and Salokin to play alongside myself. If someone asked me to describe what kind of sound to expect at Trust, I would say steal Luke Skywalker’s iPod and press play.

SFS: What has been a defining moment in the parties you've thrown this year?

K: Unity! It's great to see so many different factions of the city come out and have a good time. That was one of the main goals — to have everyone come out and meet new people and enjoy the music in a stress-free atmosphere. Everyone is entitled to a good time, and that's what it's all about.

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