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Know To Skip This

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Iím not sure what I was expecting. Despite a few great performances, Nicolas Cageís recent track record hasnít been too hot. Still, Iím always rooting for the guy. I gave Knowing a fair chance but it, unsurprisingly, fell short. It wasnít terrible, just painfully mediocre.

There were moments of clarity, but for the most part it was far reaching and lacked any serious core. Director Alex Proyas doesnít boast a great history himself, but he was responsible for cult classic Dark City. However, Knowing is full of plot convenience and begins to spin wildly out of control towards the end.

The plot, itself, begins on shaky ground with Cage playing a widower and astrophysicist John Koestler. Following his wifeís death, heís become a bit unhinged as the single father of Caleb (Chandler Canterbury). Following the unearthing of a 50-year old time capsule at Calebís elementary school, Cage comes into contact with a page of numbers written by a former student. By pure accident, he finds the date 9/11/2001 and randomly searches it online to realize the numbers next to the date are the death toll. He then maps out all the dates on the paper and matches them to previous disasters and their respective death tolls. It is just as unbelievable and ďaccidentalĒ as it sounds.

From there he comes to realize the remaining numbers mean coordinates and he happens to be at the next disaster, where a plane crashes. It seems as if his proximity to the accident would be meaningful, but it really isnít. After that he decides to try and stop the next disasters and ultimately, the end of the world.

During this time his son begins to see these pale men and has nightmares of disaster. As John sets to figure this out, he comes in contact with the daughter of the woman who wrote the numbers when she was a child. Of course, John comes to question fate and coincidence, citing his wifeís recent death as a reason his faith in life was shaken.

Knowing really picks up the most clichť story lines to supplement with a ridiculous plot about the end of the world. Somehow aliens, or angels, fit into this story which, by that point, many will be lost in bewilderment already. Despite all of this it feels that Proyas does have the ability to craft a good film, itís just lost in laziness and unoriginality. Itís not worth seeking out, but catching it during a late night on TBS after a few drinks wouldnít be out of the question.