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Kickball Katy of Vivian Girls

A Super-Secret Sensation

The Vivian Girls have been winning over hearts and minds with a punk-rock aesthetic, girl-group harmonies and a healthy dose of reverb and distortion since their 2008 DIY self-titled debut was re-released by In the Red records after the initial 500 released by the band quickly sold out. The band's second album is set for release in September. The Brooklyn-based trio performs at The Independent April 24th following their gig at Coachella. Kickball Katy (bass/vocals) spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from Tucson.

SF Station (SFS): How did you earn the Kickball Katy moniker?

Kickball Katy (KK) : I was in a super-secret kickball society in 2002, but I canít talk about it.

SFS: You must be pretty good.

KK: I canít talk about anything regarding the super-secret kickball society.

SFS: Are you involved in any other super-secret societies?

KK: I canít say.

SFS: So, why did you come all the way out to L.A. to record your second album?

KK: Itís coming out on In The Red, and there is a recording studio in Costa Mesa called the Distillery where some other albums that sound awesome were recorded, like the Black Lipsí Let it Bloom. We wanted our album to sound really good so we flew there and did it.

SFS: Coming from Brooklyn, did you worry that too much sunshine and nice weather would change your sound?

KK: Actually, no. I love it on the West Coast, and I might move to L.A. at some point.

SFS: Youíre a sunshine girl?

KK: Iím very pale, but I do enjoy the warm weather.

SFS: How do the new songs sound?

KK: The songs are slightly different. They are longer and the lyrical content is a lot more depressing. I think it sounds better than the first album.

SFS: Iíve talked to other musicians who said their second album was more depressing than their first album. Whatís getting you in the doldrums?

KK: I think the year 2008, when we were writing the songs, was a really overwhelming year for all of us. Things are a little calmer now.

SFS: What was most overwhelming?

KK: Touring and never being home, putting out our first record, and there was a lot of press.

SFS: Were you surprised when Pitchfork named the album No. 16 on its top 50 list for the year?

KK: That was a total surprise.

SFS: How did you celebrate?

KK: We probably high-fived. We high-five a lot.

SFS: You beat Kanye West on that listÖ

KK: Really?

SFS: Are you worried you might be the object of his scorn?

KK: Maybe he will blog about us. Hopefully that happens. That would rule.

SFS: You are not very shy with your opinions, as well. Your pointed thoughts on topics like electro-punk and chain restaurants are easy to find online.

KK: I do not want to discuss this. I feel like that was blown out of proportion. I actually do not hate electronic music. We were just joking around. I like a lot of bands that have electronic elements that arenít entirely electronic. We were just joking, but it was taken very seriously. We all actually love Applebeeís as well. Ali (drums/vocals) really likes the weird drinks.

Vivian Girls perform at the Independent on April 24th. Tickets are $12. Doors open at 8:30pm and the show starts at 9pm.