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TiK ToK Timepieces

Pop star Ke$ha stopped by the Westin before her “Get $leazy” tour stop in Oakland to promote the launch of two watches she designed for Baby-G. The two watches are the first in a series designed by the party-pop songstress and this is also her first designer collaboration.

Ke$ha, 24, joined Casio in 2010 as a brand ambassador and watch designer for their women’s line of Baby-G watches.

“She was selected because she has all the characteristics of Baby G—tough, strong, sporty, but with her own special style,” said Itoh, vice president of Casio’s Timepiece division Shigenori Itoh, at a the press conference.

With that, Ke$ha entered the room in a full-body curve-hugging shiny superhero costume emblazoned with the American Flag, complete with long red, white and blue fringe. Her glitter makeup was applied to resemble a glamazon superhero mask.

“Today I wanted to look like a superhero with really accurate sense of time,” she said.

“As Baby G’s brand ambassador and watch designer, I was able to create designs that are truly reflective of my personal style, which most of you can tell is unique,” said Ke$ha. “I’ve been designing and making my own clothes since I was young and as an artist I design all of my stage costumes.”

For the first two watches, Ke$ha chose two themes: animal print and All-American. The red white and blue BG5600KS-7 model ($99) matched her outfit perfectly. Ke$ha’s inspiration, the American flag, is “a recurring theme in my aesthetic because it also represents freedom of speech, a right I passionately exercise in my life and in my music.”

The second watch, BGA200KS-1E ($120), features a leopard print gold-tone watch face with gold hands, and a black resin strap with a subtle leopard print. Ke$ha connected this to her first album being titled “Animal” and Humane Society International, where she is a global ambassador.

“Leopard print is also a recurring theme in my look, which I like to wear because it brings out the animal inside,” she said.

Both watches are shock resistant and water resistant to 100 meters, feature world time from 48 cities, and are adorned with Ke$ha’s signature logo. Find them at Torneau, Nordstrom, and select Macy’s stores.

On her attraction to the Casio brand, she said: “I like that the watches are affordable, and I like that they can go underwater, and that they can take a little bit of beating because I’m a bit rowdy sometimes.”

Ke$ha wrote her record-shattering hit “TiK ToK” and other songs on a Casio keyboard; the partnership was a no-brainer.

In addition to the Baby G watches, Ke$ha is also designing a faux fur collection and wants to designing racecars.

Asked which celebs she’d like to see rock one of her Baby G watches, she replied, “Obama and Dave Grohl. ” Neither is really the target market for the female watch line that emphasizes toughness with femininity, but perhaps it says something about who she looks up to.

“My purse is like a bottomless pit,” Ke$ha said about what she considers must-haves in her purse while on the road. “But in it is my passport, some Ke$ha condoms, and some blue lipstick and some glitter, and I’ll be adding my new American flag watch.”