Kat Ross

Oakland, CA
+1 510.992.3827
Adult, Escort
Tue - Fri (11am - 7pm)
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Greetings Sexy!

My name is Kat and my only desire is to be your purrfect playmate. That means more than me granting you the privilege to be tempted by my ultra soft mahogany skin and naturally firm breasts; it also includes stimulating conversation with a witty, knowledgeable woman with a Masters degree from a top notch university.
I'll be the girlfriend you always wanted. Let your curiosity lead you to the Kat....I'll be waiting, just for you.



250/generous hour
200/playful half hour

510-992-3827 or 510-302-9178
Please feel free to text or email me.
[email protected]
Find me on Facebook: Kat Ross (Sex Kitten)

~ Pre-booking is encouraged!

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