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Kaskade - Here and now

Released on Om Records, 5/9/06

Not to sound like the cranky old househead I am, but really, has
Kaskade even been around long enough to have a vanity album? He's proven himself to be little more than the Tori Spelling of house music, (originally an A&R guy from Om, he fooled the bunch by anonymously slipping "What I Say" into the stacks there and was picked up). His soft-shuffle brand of vocal easy-listening house is notable if not for its permeability, then for its creativity within the narrow confines of the genre.

This collection of "top hits and b-sides" is a great background house album, perfect for putting on at a dinner party and just as forgettable. I found the mixing and production top notch, and it boosts Here and Now above your average "best-of" compilations, with catchy top tracks providing a decent sing-along set. (Who knew I knew the words to so many Kaskade tracks?) Still, this effort is broadcast straight from 2004 -- because all the tracks are from then or before: unexpectedly, no new cuts made the disc. There's nothing unlistenable on this album, but we've heard it before, even if it's proclaimed a
"rarity". Isn't a best-of album supposed to contain at least one new adventurous track that die-hards are allowed to dislike?

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars