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Justice - Waters Of Nazareth

Released on Vice Records, 6/6

What does Justice sound like? Remember when the late Linda McCartney used to play backup keyboards for her husband’s band, Paul McCartney and Wings? Remember it appeared as though she were struggling with an interactive toy? Now picture that moment of awkwardness with a bit of raw, junky effects from the distortion box and a pinch of lively thump from the rhythm box and – viola -- there’s your Justice!

Waters Of Nazareth is an EP released in 2005 and the re-release includes three additional remixes, two of which are the remixed titled song. This tune was spun out by numerous deejays and caught up the rest of Europe with their name, getting the best video at MTV Europe Music Awards this year. (The band was not present and the award was accepted by the video’s director So_Me whose speech was famously interrupted by Kanye West who proclaimed that he should have won the award.)

Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay make up Justice and share management with Daft Punk, and someone is doing something right. Justice has worked both sides of the pond creating prolific remixes and collecting trophy-named notches with mainstream artists such as NERD, “She Wants To Move”; Brittany Spears, “Me Against The Music"; Fatboy Slim, “Don’t Let The Man Get You Down”; Franz Ferdinand, “The Fallen”; Soulwax, “NY Excuse”; and Daft Punk, “Human After All” to name a few . . .

Justice is coming to a boil by a kaleidoscope of kismet. For instance, Justice remixed a tune for an English electro rock band, Simian, in a contest. Though they lost, their remixed version of “Never Be Alone” caught some fervor. Pedro Winter, a.k.a. P. Busy, (manager for Daft Punk) liked it so much he released it on his label, Ed Banger Records in 2003. It was selected by Munich’s famous techno agent, DJ Hell and re-released again under his German label, International Deejay Gigolos, (a sub label of Virgin Records) under a new title called, “We Are Your Friends”, in 2004 while calling credits to Justice vs. Simian. What’s more, Simian’s second album was produced by the legendary, renowned Brian Eno.

As their career evolves, Water Of Nazareth, sounds like a tumbled effort toward the likes of Ferry Corsten and other power-up Euro DJ dance productions. Snagging the seams, Justice fiddled on their laptops making their way to this original release. There was a long lag between projects then and now so the originals may be unrecognizable from their present productions. With other up and coming projects on the way, we will wait and see what will bring about their conclusion.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars