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Just My Luck

What's Luck Got To Do With It?

The über cute Lindsay Lohan strikes again in a summer vehicle custom made for her in Just My Luck. A fantastic, romantic comedy of sorts, Lohan pretty much plays herself as the luckiest girl on earth, Ashley Albright. Ashley's ridiculous streak of good luck comes to a screeching halt when she crosses paths with the personification of bad luck, Jake Hardin (played by Chris Pine). Much to her chagrin, Ashley learns what life is like when the fates don't smile on you.

Ashley Albright has been so blessed for so long that "SOL" ("shit out of luck" for the uninitiated) doesn't exist in her vernacular. Cabs materialize at her beck and call, red lights always turn green when she's near, and lottery tickets always leave her with extra pocket cash. Lohan plays Albright with a genuine, blissful naiveté that makes it impossible for you to loathe her despite the fact that she gets ALL the breaks.

Conversely, Chris Pine's Jake Hardin has never had the sun shine on his ass. Rather than curse the fates, he's resigned to his fate as perhaps the unluckiest man on earth. You feel for Hardin because tough breaks are pretty much de rigueur for him. Above and beyond this, Pine plays Hardin with a warmth and compassion that seems uncharacteristic for someone who just simply can't get a break. One would almost expect Hardin to be bitter and sour, remarkably (and somewhat unbelievably) this isn't the case.

Where Just My Luck becomes interesting is when the tide turns. Lohan falls prey to a streak of bad luck that is virtually incomprehensible. Albright's plucky demeanor rapidly devolves into dour skepticism and frustration. Albright becomes a much more endearing character when reduced to a mere mortal. While you can't help chuckling at her misfortunes, you do hope things work out for her as she's not a bad person.

Just desserts are granted to Hardin as well. The stars suddenly align and Hardin overnight goes from bowling alley lackey to manager of an up and coming band. It's a bit implausible, but no more implausible than the ridiculous good luck that has perpetually fallen into Ashley's lap. Hardin is no less likable as a wealthy band manager as he takes nothing for granted.

Director Donald Petrie has crafted a solid, but unremarkable film in Just My Luck. There are no major holes in the story itself, but suspending disbelief is a challenge on a number of occasions. Lohan and Pine provide solid performances, but neither character makes a strong impression one way or the other.

What we're left with in Just My Luck is a fairly formulaic romantic comedy that provides a few chuckles and some light romance, but fails to excel in any one area. But, given the dearth of quality options at the box office currently, luck may smile on this one.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars