Jungsan Senim

Event has passed (Sat Jan 12, 2013 - Sat Jan 12, 2013)
Sandra Lee Gallery
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Sandra Lee Gallery is excited to commence the New Year with a solo show by the eminent international artist Jungsan Senim. Having garnered much applause and a large crowd during his January 2012 exhibition and performance, Jungsan presents a brand new showcase of conceptual creations. He continues his adaptation of unconventional materials and explores the musical rhythm of life. Guided by his spiritual teachings and intuition, Jungsan constructs without any boundaries or rules, working only towards genuine expression of divine truth.
In his newest work, Jungsan deploys items such as razorblades and matchboxes to reflect the musicality of life spatially, sensually, and rhythmically. By constructing massive screens housing hundreds of these individually painted and placed fragments, Jungsan produces a pattern similar to that of a musical composition. Inspired by Gustav Mahler’s symphony Fairy Land in Dream, Jungsan delicately and methodically placed one blade at a time by and around one another, stopping and starting in space, similar to the harmonious pattern of the song’s melody. Clusters of colored blades become music notes while open spaces, breaths, and the piece as a whole, a complete symphonic arrangement. Visually the stationary pieces begin to dance, the sharp blades collecting and reflecting light, the paint jumping from one surface to the next.
With these chosen materials; razorblades, matchboxes, nail polish, Senim (meaning Monk) is also reflecting the Zen Buddhist lessons concerning the external desires of taste, touch, smell, and the emotions of anger, lust, hate, and pain. He utilizes only one side of each blade or box with paint or collage, echoing the lesson of ‘Substance is Emptiness, Emptiness is Substance’. One surface tells a story of abundance and the other, its liberation.
Manipulating these abrasive objects into beautifully harmonious constructions, Jungsan at once both exposes them and reclaims them in favor of a superior purpose. As a multi-talented monk, chef, and artist, Jungsan is a connoisseur of combining music, paint, and performance in a manner so vividly significant to this post-modern era.


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