New Years Eve San Francisco Events
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Raising the Bar in the Tenderloin

Julip is a fine new addition to the burgeoning Trendyloin lounge scene. The windows and jukebox are cleverly decorated with classical sheet music, and the hardwood floor and thrift-store furniture add a warmth that offsets the sterility of the slick metal bar. The DJ spins ambient dance music in the early part of the evening, but picks up the pace with some hip-hop to draw a healthy crowd of dancers. The vermouth colored walls, artfully placed leafless trees, and candle-lit manger scene make you feel as if you're in a large, dry, Christmas martini, but the dim candle-lit aura is disarming, mellow and quaint. French beer posters and extraterrestrial salon lights over the mirrored walls behind the bar add a self-conscious charm that have me looking for artwork that's not there.

The atmosphere is relaxed toward the rear of the lounge and livelier near the dance floor, accommodating dancers and talkers alike. There are reserved conversations going on at the side tables and some tragic overuse of perfume, but overall the crowd is laid back and free of the bone-chilling hauteur one might initially associate with the artsy decor. The late night crowd certainly loosens up the vibe and infects the hesitant dancers, and the party starts to thrive a bit after midnight. The ambience is classy and wet-nap clean, but the music and dancing deflates the pomp, and you are left with the sinful pleasure of being in the most elegant lounge in the Tenderloin, which is quite a qualifier, and a joyous respite from the stench and filth of the street. The stark contrast of the bar against the surroundings makes you feel as if you are a part of a diamond in the rough. The Julip is an ideal place for a night out if you feel like dressing up a bit and getting your dance on.

Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 4 - 7 pm
$2.75 pints, well drinks and sangria
DJs every night after 9:30