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Julie Doiron – I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day

Released on Jagjaguwar, 3/10/09

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

The latest release from Julie Doiron, I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, is both reminiscent of her days as bass player/singer of low-fi revolutionaries Eric’s Trip, and reflective of the long road traveled to reach her current perch in life. The lyrics -- blunt, playful and honest -- speak of the present time but the tendrils of music burst forth a full three hundred and sixty degrees, giving the listener insight into Doiron’s pilgrimage through the last sixteen years of her creative process.

The songs flip-flop between stark ballads and full-on Sabbath-style rock, while still managing to slip in references to the 90s indie rock scene Doiron helped to create. The album opens with “The Life Of Dreams”, a barren pop tune similar to the style of Kimya Dawson, but then launches into the second track, “Spill Yer Lungs” -- ladies and gentlemen, let The Rock commence.

It is here where the silkiness of Doiron’s vocals really shines. She croons with the carefree abandon of Stephen Malkmus minus the cocky baditude. Paired with her straight and solid guitar playing, I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day is a steadfast and persistent account of the past two years of Doiron's life.

Teamed with current band mate and boyfriend Fred Squire on drums and guitar, and previous band mate (from Eric’s Trip) and boyfriend Rick White manning the control room and adding the occasional bass line, it seems Doiron has formed the ultimate and most ironic indie power trio ever.

But where most would dissolve under such a potentially hazardous situation, Doiron and company use the opportunity to examine, relate and excel. The production on I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day is excellent, providing little ear treats here and there and an overall subtlety of strength and edge. It is no wonder Doiron is a fixture in the indie rock scene. I look forward to hearing her releases for years to come.