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Myth Interpretation
By Jonathan Zwickel (Dec 16, 2016)
Man or myth, Jacob Fred is a mystery to me, but I can tell you something of what it means to experience a Jazz Odyssey. More »
party politics
By Jonathan Zwickel (Jul 31, 2015)
The story of Ozomatli is one of those beautiful Rock 'n' Roll epics that reaffirms your faith in the power of music. As the original SoCal party band, Ozo started taking over small clubs and bars across L.A. almost 10 years ago. Anyone who experienced the band's infectious explosion of salsa, Latin jazz, hip-hop, funk, and rock will tell you that it left them changed- once their supercharged sound hit, you couldn't stand still. More »
A perfect Mexo-Amercana blend
By Jonathan Zwickel (Oct 27, 2012)
Swimming with sounds, the Tijuana night air is warm and heavy. Out of an upstairs window blows the echo of dense, stuttering timbale drum rolls, and an accordion stretches out a raunchy groan while a glossy trumpet and tuba squabble like mismatched brass cousins. Around the corner, inside the club, a feverish 808-thump imported from L.A. keeps the dance floor packed and sweaty. More »
The Dark Cartoonery of Bill Dunlap
By Jonathan Zwickel (Mar 05, 2012)
"Sex, death, and booze," admits San Francisco painter Bill Dunlap. "That's basically what I'm about." As easy as it is for Dunlap to deconstruct his iconic depictions of virtue and vice, there's a deeper resonance within the cartoonish nature of his work that arises from the unsettling but inevitable acceptance of life's temptations. There's also a not-so-subtle sense of humor and irony evident from both the colorful, rubbery style of his subjects and the seemingly incongruent subtitles that often accompany them... More »
Saving the Planet, One Brushstroke at a Time
By Jonathan Zwickel (Sep 21, 2004)
Centuries before Jackson Pollock dribbled paint on a canvas or Andres Serrano relieved himself on a crucifix, a young Aristotle argued that all art inherently imitates nature. Such a rigid assertion might seem oversimplified today, but its essence holds true. More »
Hip-hop revolutionaries
By Jonathan Zwickel (Jul 28, 2004)
Listen: the world needs [i]Public Enemy[/i] now more than ever. In their 18 years of existence, [i]PE[/i] changed the way music affects society. Whether you listen to rap or not, they're one of the most influential -- and confrontational -- voices of our generation, spanning genre, race and class, bringing a forward-thinking aesthetic to both musical production and lyrical content. They may be legends of our time, but as performers, they damn sure still know how to bring the noise. More »
By Jonathan Zwickel (Feb 26, 2004)
As San Francisco's electronic music scene explodes in popularity, it becomes harder and harder to find original, innovative dance music at intimate offbeat venues. The city's trademark soulful and sexy House moved the megaclub masses from coast to coast with a classic sound embedded in the styles and standards it established years ago. Recently Electro-Clash came and went through the city's smaller clubs but its cheeky amalgam of retread 80's rock and dirty beats retreated back to Brooklyn... More »
jonathan zwickel's Articles
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