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Jonathan Adler

Items You Must Have

I believe that Jonathan Adler, the New Jersey farm boy who sculpts sexy bottles, designs groovy graphic pillows, and fabricates frisky and fancy sofas, is instrumental in building your über-divine nest.

It's hard not to get excited about Mr. Adler's home pieces when you read the note card on his Lampert Sofa that instructs you to envision yourself "reclining with a remote" or "perching with a cocktail". Evoking a sense of cheer, the Lampert Sofa in icy blue ($2,300) is an essential piece of home décor. It exemplifies one of Mr. Adler's many manifestos: "we believe that your home should make you happy", with which I couldn't agree more.

San Francisco is lucky to finally have a Jonathan Adler store, and the location housing his largest furniture collection, no less. There's the Morrow Slipper Chair, which is exactly its name. When I sat in it, I felt like I had settled into my own custom body slipper. Prices for the chair range from $1,100 to $2,100 depending on your fabric choice. Another absolute investment is any of the lacquer coffee tables or nesting tables that add much sophisticated glamour to any tired room.

David Wilhot, the store manager, points out various pieces of the collection that make designing your home effortless. Mr. Adler began his career first as a pottery designer, and his background brings a lot to the table. This explains why a lot of the forms and designs from his pottery pieces translate to his designs for the bedding, pillow covers, rugs, and furniture pieces. Thus furnishing and accessorizing your home can be done all in one stop.

There are a number of lines within the pottery collection. The Utopia Collection offers whimsical white sculptures of a man, woman or sun. The Capuchine Collection adds some color to a predominantly white palette by adding a shot of espresso. My personal favorite is the Muse Collection with its sublime and surreal elements.

If upgrading the large pieces of your living area proves too much, there are more subtle enlivening elements, such as the Stockholm Pillow Collection. These "scandalously priced" canvas pillows are inspired by Scandinavian designs and feature blue-green or orange-brown silk-screened designs of rays, fishes, birds or waves. Depending on the sizes you need, the prices range from $58 to $98.

There are also more retro graphic pillow designs in color combinations of your choice such as light blue and brown, brown and pink, or pink and green. According to another one of Jonathan Adler's manifestos, "we believe colors can't clash." Thus any color concoction can be custom made to your specifications. Prices range from $95 to $350.

Of course no home is complete without the proper lighting. The Giraffe lamp in white ($375) is a giraffe with its head peeping out of its white cylindrical shell. If you like horses, you can get the Horse Lamp ($595) also in white. A number of Jonathan Adler's pieces combine his pottery designs as the base for his lamps. This provides a fantastic way to light up your home and decorate it all at once.

All said and done, I believe that you must have something from Jonathan Adler. I believe his pieces are worth the price; a nice home is priceless. Perhaps I love his pieces most of all because I believe in all of Mr. Adler's manifestos, especially: "We believe that your home should make you happy."