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By John Zaterka (Oct 27, 2012)
What better way to kick off the month of May than checking out the 5th Annual How Weird Street Faire! Dance around the may pole and rejoice in the wonders of the city. You never what you'll see or hear this Saturday May 1st in the SOMA(12th and Howard Streets). More »
By John Zaterka (Oct 27, 2012)
As we soak up this early summer in the City, here is your first your bi-weekly six-pack of hits for you to choose from for a great night out. I'll help you find that elusive show, the one where you realize you are at the right place at the right time, seeing the right band. So where to begin, the king - Alice in Wonderland - once said one can "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop." The king is dead but not forgotten. More »
April 16 - 30
By John Zaterka (Jun 23, 2012)
For most ardent music fans, the thrill is all about the discovery of the latest new band or cool new innovative song. Nobody has epitomized this more than the "Mayor of Sunset Strip" Rodney "on-the- ROQ" Bingenheimer. All music fans should check out this documentary during its limited engagement run here in town. Throughout this bittersweet documentary, I found myself floored by both the soundtrack and by all the artists that he had championed, everyone from Bowie and Blondie to the Smiths, Coldplay and No Doubt. More »
By John Zaterka (Jun 05, 2012)
May turns electric, eclectic and experimental. The Bay Area has always been home to the great experimenters. The next few weeks bring in a amazing array of boundary pushing talent from Buckethead to the highly visual multimedia shows of the Kronos Quartet and RJD2. Salty old punks the New Model Army come over from across the pond to play the DNA. And the good old East Bay delivers two of their finest: Rogue Wave and Hyim & the Fat Foakland Orchestra all roll into town for your Great Night Out. More »
By John Zaterka (Mar 05, 2012)
Spring has sprung its way back into our lives, so why not keep on hopping? Bay Area Hip-Hop has always been a force to be reckoned with, and we are lucky enough to be able to see the old school, new school and there-ain't-no-school-yet school shows coming through. Hip-Hoppers bear witness- knowledge is nutritious. More »
The Best Shows for May
By John Zaterka (Apr 09, 2008)
The Bay Area’s own man-on-the-mic, the Original MC Radioactive, will be flipping the freestyle flows at the Juxtapose Art SF Now party. Club Six has always been one of my favorite venues; this night features hip hop, live performances in the dark room, and Jah-Yzer spinning the reggae vibes in the bassment. MC Radioactive is one of the Bay Area’s true gems -- he has rocked the mic with Spearhead’s Michael Franti (featured on the album [b]Everyone Deserves Music[/b]) and I have seen him on-stage performing alongside everybody from the Greatful Dead’s Bob Weir and Galatic to Ben Harper and countless others. More »
The Best Shows for April
By John Zaterka (Mar 04, 2008)
First off, big-up to Justice and Diplo for throwing down one of the best live shows of the year at the Concourse/Design Center. Who would have thought those two Frenchmen would rock our worlds so hard! Diplo really got the joint jumping with his M.I.A. and hip-hop heavy set -- making one of the week-night shows feel like a Friday night. Then over at The Independent, Mick Jones and his new crew Carbon/Silicon showed that they still got it going on in Badrock City. So here’s a quick look at the genre-bending mad men, sultry chanteuses, crazy party boys and sexy electro girls coming through town to bless up the sound in April. More »
The Best Shows for March
By John Zaterka (Feb 07, 2008)
La revolucíon rock! SF’s breakout punk band on the rise -- La Plebe -- bring their bilingual Mexacali infused punk-ska to the cozy confines of The Elbo Room. Destined to become SF’s answer to the only band that matters, they wear influences of The Clash, Skatelites, Rancid and Operation Ivy on their sleeve. This hard-hitting five-piece really gets joint jumping with their horn section of trumpet and trombone providing upbeat funky accents to their stripped-down Revolution-rockin’ grooves. More »
The Best Shows for February
By John Zaterka (Jan 08, 2008)
Is groove really in the heart? With music becoming much more universal it becomes clear you don’t need to understand the lyrics in order to know when something makes you move. Sometimes the songs will strike you right in the heart, sometimes if you are really lucky they can create that perfect three minute world that you wish you could step into and remain forever. Although while some may claim the city was built on rock and roll, it has been this kind of musical boundary pushing that has given this city its heart and soul. More »
The Best Shows for January
By John Zaterka (Dec 04, 2008)
Welcome to the New Year! With the all the advances of the world wide interweb, it has been said that as our world incrementally increases its rate of information digestion, our ability to appreciate and experience life is gradually diminishing. Well ain’t that a kick in the head or at the very least a Facebook super poke? So where does that leave us? In the end, all we have are our personal songs of freedom, these become our redemption songs. So here are few of the great acts transmitting that live vibe across the city with real music made by real people that allows us to break out of our everyday cage and experience life live. More »
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