Jikiden Reiki Training

Sat Mar 3
San Francisco
10:00 AM
Sports & Recreation
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Jikiden Reiki. This course will provide you an introduction to the foundation of all Reiki systems available today. This introduction and the background knowledge of Reiki, Japanese language, and the original modality brought through by Sensei Usui will serve regardless which Reiki system you practice. This is the key that ties it all together. With the correct beginning, the end result is clear, powerful, and meaningful! Experience for yourself.
The foundation for all Reiki systems practiced today…there are many Reiki systems offered today. This teaching does not invalidate other Reiki systems in the least! Rather it provides a foundation for all to understand Reiki more clearly. The philosophy and concepts of Reiki have been brought to the world by the Japanese Master—Sensei Mikao Usui. The philosophy and concepts behind it were communicated through the Japanese language. The Japanese way of thinking, being, and feeling is different from that of the Western cultures…leading to misconceptions and misunderstanding, a slang of Reiki, if you will, is now present due to the complexities and the differences in the languages. Jikiden Reiki starts at the root of the Reiki ‘tree’, making it the most precise and authentic form of Reiki in the world today!There are many systems of Reiki today. Each has it’s own vision and purpose. Each is effective and powerful! We view these as the Omega (end product) of Reiki. Experience the Alpha (beginning) of the Reiki system as it was taught in Japan by Sensei Usui. This system differs greatly from those available in America. This teaching will allow you to understand the mantras, the meaning of the words forming the mantas, as well as the origins of the energy flow. Gain a deeper, basic, essential understanding of the world’s most widespread healing art.2 Day Class --> Shoden (Level 1-physical healing)- 3 attunements: Cost $350Full Bio.... Janelle Klander is the host of the Badass Spiritual Warriors Podcast. She has studied Advanced Spiritual Training for the past 7 years in the Modern Mystery School. She's a Ritual Master and Initiated Celtic Shaman. She's a Certified Life Activation Practitioner and Certified to teach Sacred Geometry with the School. She's certified Level 1 -Spring Forest Qi-Gong & Level 2 - Jikiden Reiki. She teaches various classes on Spiritual and Personal Development online and in-person. She's certified & licensed in Minnesota to perform wedding ceremonies and has dozens under her belt. She has experience leading conscious movement, sound healing, meditation, & speaking in front of small to large groups. She’s a dynamic teacher who guides spiritual expansion while having as much fun as possible.


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