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Jeremy Jay

Slow Dance the Night Away

Singer/songwriter Jeremy Jay returns to San Francisco April 3rd for a show at Cafť du Nord. His latest album Slow Dance, follows his debut LP released less than a year ago, and features a more band-oriented sound with hints of teenage romanticism, surf music, space-age 50s rock and silky falsetto R&B. He spoke with SF Station from Los Angeles following a recent tour of Europe.

SF Station (SFS): How was the response in Europe?

Jeremy Jay (JJ): It was great. I havenít toured in the U.S. since last year, so I donít know how it is here, but in Europe it is crazy. In Barcelona we sold out a show with close to 700 people and people were bum rushing the ropes. Here in the states, we can sell out a 200- or 300-capacity venue, but nothing like 700 people. I donít know how the U.S. will go but the new record just came and I think more people in the will like it.

SFS: Do you think fans in Europe can see your European influences?

JJ: Donít get me wrong, I am an American, but my mom is Swiss.

I think in Europe they have a different sensibility and they are not as cynical as Americans. Not to get really political ó I try not to be political ó but there seems to be more cynicism in the U.S. and I think in Europe they tend to be a little more romantic. I donít know how to explain it correctly, but there is a strong difference. Itís not necessarily bad.

SFS: Slow Dance is your second LP in less than a year. Thatís a pretty good starting pace.

JJ: The first album was released in May 2008, but it was recorded in April 2007. It took awhile to come out. A record a year is a good pace. You would hope that you could write more than a song a month, right?

SFS: Is the new record on the same creative thread as the first one?

JJ: The main difference is the first record introduces Jeremy Jay as a singer and it is more of a singer/songwriter thing. The second one is more band-oriented and it is music that translates well to the stage. Most of it was recorded live in the studio. People will probably like Slow Dance more because of that.

SFS: Was that live feel intentional?

JJ: No, it was a natural occurrence. I started playing solo several years ago because I didnít know anybody. Itís very natural; you start out doing something that is honest to you and if people respond to it they will approach you to collaborate. Now, Itís friends playing on the record. They became my friends through doing something that we love together.

SFS: What are your interests outside of music?

JJ: Probably my main interest, more than music, is movies ó books and movies, for sure. Itís the stories, fiction or nonfiction, that fascinate me most.

SFS: Other musicians have told me the same thing. Do you think all of the mediums are related?

JJ: I canít speak for anyone else, but for me they totally are. Thatís just how I am. I am a very visual person.

SFS: What can people expect to see when Jeremy Jay comes to town?

JJ: It depends on what you like. If you donít like to dance and you like to sit and not have fun, donít come. If youíre not afraid to dance and hang out, itís gonna be great. Itís time to boogie down, dude.

Jeremy Jay performs on April 3rd at Cafť du Nord. Tickets are $10. Doors open at 8:30pm and the show starts at 9:30pm.