JavaChiro Wellness Center

270 E. Java Dr., Sunnyvale, CA
+1 408.716.8240
JavaChiro Wellness Center Website
Mon - Fri (12pm - 8pm)
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2009 BEST OF SILICON VALLEY Reader Survey Winner - First Place

Best Place to Fix Software Kinks

It's not something that ever really gets acknowledged in Silicon Valley's nanoseconds-are-money economy, but programming software means hard wear on the body. After hours upon hours at the keyboard, it's not just code that gets crunched hands, wrists, shoulders, backs and necks are a wreck too. Many of the engineers who put their bodies on the line turn to Javachiro Wellness Center to keep them in peak operating condition. (SP)

JavaChiro Wellness Massage provides quality, professional up to date and excellent advance massage care. The environment is simple and clean, aesthetically interesting without the weight of the normal world. Our office staff is friendly and warm, with a devotion both to helping people and to excelling in their fields of expertise.