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Released on Brushfire Records, 2/5/08
By J. Poet (Jan 22, 2008)
Jack Johnson was born on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and lives part time in laid back Santa Barbara, California. He was a champion surfer until he almost died on his board when he was 17. With his body in no shape to surf, he began making films about surfing -- writing, filming, producing and composing the soundtrack music. [b]Thicker Than Water[/b] (1999) got rave reviews and [b]The September Sessions[/b] (2000) won The Surfer Magazine Poll for best film of the year. More »
Released by Tomlab, 10/23/07
By J. Poet (Oct 21, 2007)
The first question that comes to mind when you open this CD is “Who the heck is David Shrigley?” The second is “How did he get so many famous friends?” Folks like Deerhoof, David Byrne, Franz Ferdinand, R. Stevie Moore, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and dozens of other musicians and bands contribute music for the lyrics that Shrigley has written. More »
Released by XL Records, 9/25/07
By J. Poet (Oct 01, 2007)
Artists that have invented a new style that defies categories are few and far between. Devendra Banhart is one of those rare few; he leaves critics and fans struggling to come up with new definitions for music that’s deceptively simple, but unfolds new levels of meaning and complexity with each listen. More »
Released on Putumayo Records, 8/25/07
By J. Poet (Aug 21, 2007)
Israel may be at the center of the Middle Eastern conflict, but despite the stereotypes, the country is incredibly culturally diverse. Jews, Arabs, and Christians live and work together with more harmony than the media would have you believe. This is especially true in the musical community where sounds from Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, North and South America and the Arab continuum blend to create a vital, international sound. This collection presents 12 Israeli bands and artists that are making groundbreaking music. More »
Released on Putumayo Records, 8/28/07
By J. Poet (Aug 07, 2007)
Putumayo has made a fortune introducing world music to the masses, via an alternative distribution network that includes indie bookstores, upscale boutiques and new age hangouts as well as traditional brick and mortar stores. They tend to pack their best selling compilations with tunes that are easy to digest, but their success has probably led their customers to explore other less mainstream world music sounds. More »
Released by Zoë/Rounder, 07/24/07
By J. Poet (Jul 24, 2007)
On [b]Tainted Love[/b] Shivaree puts aside their impressive songwriting in favor of material from an eclectic bunch of writers including Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Motley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx, early country music star Spade Cooley, Gray Glitter and blues shouter Lead Belly. They also step away from the gloomy, ambient soundscapes that made their previous albums so moody. More »
Released on Cochon Records, 7/10/07
By J. Poet (Jun 27, 2007)
Oakland’s Gravy Train is back in the saddle with their third salvo of dance floor madness, another collection of loud, salacious, punch drunk anthems guaranteed to have you up and dancing. The quartet -- Chunx (vocals, keys, drums), Funx (vocals, keys, drums, bass, guitar), Hunx (vocals, keys, drums), and Junx (guitar, bass, harpsichord) -- is wilder, more tuneful and sexier than ever with a musical mash up of punk, funk and garage club beats that’s impossible to resist. Think The Ramones backing up Prince, or Rick James sitting in with the B 52s. More »
Released on Cumbancha, 06/26/07
By J. Poet (May 15, 2007)
Dobet Gnahoré, a singer and songwriter from the Ivory Coast, grew up in an artistic colony and was exposed to music from all over the world, and Africa in particular, since she was a child. Since the mid 90s she's been collaborating with her French husband Colin Laroche de Féline, a guitarist well-versed in African styles, to produce her own kind of pan-African fusion. More »
j. poet's Articles
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