J.J. Thai Bistro

Valencia @ 23rd, San Francisco, CA
Restaurants, Thai Restaurant
Sun - Sat (11 am - 10:30 pm)
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On the corner of 23rd St. and Valencia is the new J.J. Thai Bistro, occupying the storefront last held by Radio Valencia. J.J. Thai is a complex world of contradictions. The first thing noticed is the d├ęcor; the walls are a deep red, translucent blue bowls adorn the smooth tabletops, and a large disco ball hangs from the ceiling. From this information, J.J. Thai seems like the newest of a slew of trendy meeting places, a scene for the hipsters. Then come the stark realizations... the menus are poor xerox copies loosely bound in Manila folders, the speakers play "please shoot me now" easy listening music inducing aural vomiting, and the menu appears to have several Chinese dishes for a Thai restaurant. The food itself had hints of excellence, but never fully throws tastebuds into submission.

-- Excerpt from review by Tim Surette