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For more than 20 years I have supported my clients in all areas of life. I act as a channel for you to connect straight to your source of guidance and reconnect you with yourself.

From working with Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft & AT&T to start-ups, to working one-on-one with entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives, and visionaries, I’ve provided intuitive strategy to countless people and businesses over the years.

Are you feeling stuck in overwhelm?

Need to get out of the muck of stress & chaos?

Feel like the controls to your life flew out of your fingers somewhere along the way and want them back?

Can’t remember the last time you felt passionate, engaged and alive?

When you are stressed, anxious, out of balance, and seeking answers to life’s challenging situations, you may be feeling disconnected from yourself. Let me guide you back to that centered, grounded place of your own intuitive guidance.

Intuition – everyone has an innate ability to master this skill. It’s not “woo-woo”. It is a very practical skillset that comprises of tapping into a higher frequency of your 24 physical senses to receive nonlocal information.

It’s much like tuning a radio transceiver to your favorite station or tuning a satellite receiver to the right movie channel to “download” the information to display on your television set. Think about how you go to Starbucks and turn on your wifi on your mobile phone and gain an access point to the Internet.

Here’s what I do:

I receive & translate information about the energies going on around your life, business and relationshis as well as anything your soul and guides desire to share. As things things come up, a look at the energies at play in your life can help you make more sound, strategic, intuitive decisions in every area.

Coaching, Training, Teaching – I coach, mentor and train you to become intuitively guided, step into your purpose, realign you to your potential, and help you realize what’s blocking you from your desires. I provide guided sessions, retreats, and coaching programs as well as meditation.

My Specialties Include:

– Intuitive Guidance & Compassionate Counsel
– Find and Follow Your Soul’s Bliss
– Psychic, Clairvoyance & Energetic Translation
– Family & Relationship Dynamics
– Chord Cutting, & Healing Life Trauma
– Meditation Training
– Animal Communication
– Business Strategy
– Translating Messages, Visions, Dreams
– Vision Quests, Animal Totems, Meet Your Guides
– Bereavement and Grief Counsel
– Transform Overwhelm, Stress, Depression & Anxiety
– Soul-Level Coaching & Counseling
– Intuition Training
– Love & Intimacy
– Sex & Sexuality
– Soul Purpose
– Spirituality
– Parenting & Parental Support
– Living Authentically

We work together to free you from chaos, stress & overwhelm, become inner-guided so you know the best decision is for your most optimal outcome.

Whatever the issue, it’s about a desire to reconnect back with all of yourself. As a whole being. I would be honored to support you along your journey. However, I bet you want to get to know me a little bit more. Friend me on Facebook, follow me on twitter, find me on Linkedin. I’d love to meet you.