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Isabelicious of The Late Night Dates

Electro-Rock Band Prepares for Takeoff

Forget what Justin Timberlake and his producer Timberland say, the Bay Area electo-rock band The Late Night Dates have been bringing sexy back since the groupís debut show in July 2005. With a trunk-load of synth, throbbing bass lines and irresistible beats, the trio is preparing to release its first album after a flurry of local performances. Lead vocalist Isabelicious spoke with SF Station during a phone interview.

SF Station (SFS): Your next show at the 111 Minna Gallery includes a fashion show. Do you think your music lends itself to the Bay Area fashion scene?

Isabelicious: I donít know. I have no idea. I donít really know what Bay Area fashion is, except for a warm coat, but I like a lot of stuff that is out lately. Personally, I donít pay full price for anything. I recycle and get a lot of my clothes at thrift stores and local vintage shops in Berkeley.

SFS: Do you have a rivalry with Fergalicious?

Isabelicious: Fergie? Is that the girl from that the comedy show Third Rock? I donít really know who she is. I havenít met her and she hasnít called me to say she is upset or anything. Iíve been Isabelicious for a while, actually.

SFS: You wrote a song about the Berkeley radio station KALX, but it is not available online and it is not on the track list for you new EP. How are we supposed to hear it?

Isabelicious: Weíre working on that. We have to record it better. Should we put it on the album?

SFS: Sure.

Isabelicious: It makes sense, huh? The album is going to be full length. It was going to be an EP at first, but we have a bunch of songs that we are going to record to make it a full length. Who knows if it is going to be the only album that we ever make.

I went to UC Berkeley and KALX was always there for me. Itís my favorite radio station, besides KISS FM.

SFS: Do you do a lot of dating?

Isabelicious: If I was asked out I probably would, but all of The Late Night Dates are pretty single Ö hint, hint (laughs). No, I date occasionally, but I usually keep that kind of stuff secret until itís someone special (laughs).

SFS: Where is the best place to go in the Bay Area for a late night date?

Isabelicious: For me, itís the Oakland Airport. My idea for the perfect date, no matter what day or night, is being taken to the airport and having a drink at one of the little airport bars and just sitting there and looking out the window and watching the airplanes takeoff. What is also cool, is going to the international flights section where you can see different cultures from all over the world. I like to travel a lot, so Iím really into airports, but Iíve never been taken on a date to the airport.

SFS: Wouldnít the security lines kind of be a drag?

Isabelicious: These days it would be, but it was different a few years ago. If it included a ticket somewhere, thatís how you could get in now. OK, thatís it: It would be a date to Hawaii, going to the airport and having drinks, while sitting and waiting for a flight.

SFS: Do you have any dating advice?

Isabelicious: Do it as much as you can with as many people as you can. Youíll end up with a lot of free drinks.

The Late Night Dates perform on December 21 at 111 Minna Gallery with Space Vacuum, and a photography and runway show with Del Geronimo. The 21-and-over show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 to $10.