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Hidden and Found in Cow Hollow

Tucked inside a blushing Queen Anne Victorian above street level and in a large bay window lays a creamy pink room with a cast iron bed strewn with a lace and pearl thong. Cast atop a nightstand lays a pink suede blindfold. Just beyond the bedroom, shelves of glittering private and demure pleasures beckon. Here, at Intima, we find an affair of intimate indulgences.

My cousin and I accidentally stumbled upon the place. Perhaps it was no accident as our sixth sense for something seductive lured us up the stairs and down the hallway where we found to our delight, a sitting room and bedroom filled with everything we wanted for our own. Owner Kristie Lamour, creator of Intima, built a cozy, demure setting to allow women to relax and share their girl time.

“I wanted to make women feel as though they were in a girlfriend’s bedroom rather than a typical retail store front,” Kristie explains. She succeeded. We stayed to try on a pink slip with feathers flouncing from the hem, to slide into embroidered silk slippers, and to admire original artworks by Louis Icart. My cousin darted for the jeweled pink leather handcuffs which she now wears as bracelets. The place became our haven for the next two hours!

The best selling item is Ember, a massage candle by Jimmy Jane. Made of body friendly and fragrant wax, Ember doubles as skin nourishment and mood enhancers when it drips and glides warmly onto the sweet spots of anyone’s body. Intima also carries their “library quiet, pool friendly” metal vibrators. They do look awfully sleek in steel, platinum and 24k gold ($150 - $300). These Little Somethings could possibly escape airport security!

Drawn to aromas wafting from one spot, I seat myself in the parlor where fragrances by Ineke Ruhland’s local perfumery are situated. The unisex scent emits active pheromones better known as Chemical Bonding (2.5 oz for $78) that mixes a powdery musk with dewy peonies. Another modern alchemy, After My Own Heart, captures lilacs swaying in an early evening.

Just a step away from the scent-ual reverie is the bedroom. Sophisticated and sexy collections of lingerie sets hang in the open closet. Elle Macpherson, Honey Dew and Wendy Glez tantalize with lacy fringes, camisoles-boy short sets, and satin bows in confectionary colors. Ms. Glez’s peach-pink camisole and panty set with cream satin ruching is one of many favorites. Australian designer Sally Jones also offers craved looks such as a pink and white striped slip dress with black lace ($160).

Tucked at the bottom of the closet are cheeky books with titles such as How To Behave and shimmering body powders ($8) by My Joy. Not far from the reading material and body products is a pink whip by Shiri Zinn Erotic Couture. It seems the perfect accessory for any woman’s lair.

In this modern day world it may be hard to steal away for some privacy and intimacy but if you follow our recently discovered path that leads straight to Cow Hollow then you will find a haven of demure delights to place at your bedside or in your lingerie drawer. Finding such hard-to-get intimacy now seems so easy at Intima.